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Nir Shem-Tov
General Manager
PLB Business Unit

Nir Shem Tov is the General Manager of Leverate’s PLB Business Unit . He is responsible for overseeing various departments in the company: product, R&D, platform onboarding & customer support, training and IT.

Nir Brings with him many years of management experience in various fields at international hi-tech companies.
Prior to joining Leverate he was COO at WebsPlanet, a leading internet company, and before that, he served as VP delivery and R&D centers in Israel and abroad at Amdocs Advertising and Media Division, one of the world’s largest companies for products and services in the field of communication.
Nir holds a degree in computer science and mathematics from Tel Aviv University, and he also graduated Amdocs management program.
During his free time, Nir likes to cook, take vacations with his family abroad and walk his dog Joy.
Nir believes that thoughts and intentions create and design reality and therefore there is an enormous significance to create a fertilizing, positive and optimistic work environment.

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