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Adinah Brown is a professional writer who has worked in a wide range of industry settings, including corporate industry, government and non-government organizations. Within many of these positions, Adinah has provided skilled marketing and advertising services and is currently the Content Manager at Leverate.

B2B marketing techniques that are scaring off your customers

Without a strategized approach, marketing teams are taking all the digital marketing resources available to them, just tying a bow on and throwing them out there, without giving much thought as to whether their approach is really the most effective. This article in Finance Feeds, we take a look at what NOT to do, so […]

Most fertile grounds to break into the APAC region

The Asia Pacific region holds a number of attractive locations that make it appealing to brokers who are considering a geo-expansion, but with entirely different structural and policy settings in place, the region has significant barriers that need to be overcome. Read more in our article in Finance Magnates.

Balancing SEO with SEM

Whilst SEO and SEM are both aimed at the same target of bringing potential clients to your web page, the reality is they work very differently, complimentarily, but differently. Read our article in Finance Feeds to learn how to use them effectively together.

How to evaluate an FX broker?

With lots of brokers out there all with flashy websites, it’s hard to read between the marketing jargon to identify what makes a quality brokerage stand out. On Counting Pips we provide you with some useful criteria on how to identify a quality broker.

Elements of a winning trading strategy

Trading is all about the strategy. A good strategy is the key that opens the door to the limitless riches in trading. Our article in Forex Crunch takes a look at the elements of a winning trading strategy and give you the key to open that door.

How to use reviews and testimonials to enhance your website’s SEO

As Google algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated they’re not just analyzing what you have to say about yourself, but what others have to say about your brokerage as well. Read our article in Leap Rate about the power of User Generated Content (UGC)

Have you been naughty or nice as a forex broker?

This past holiday season we decided to take a look at which brokerages have been naughty or nice. Read our article at GBO to see if your brokerage found a nice prim gift from Santa sitting under their Christmas tree this past year.

7 tips to get your forex brokerage to rang higher

Driving traffic to your brokerage’s website organically is one of the most critical factors towards developing the growth of your brokerage.  However, ranking amongst the first few places and keeping a hold of that “hot property” is no easy feat. Read our article in Leap Rate on optimizing your website.

Are you a sleep walking trader?

Forex has moved from a coterie of banks trading currencies to a 24/5 monolith that comes straight into our homes. Penetrating into the inner recesses of our lives through the magic of technology, almost coming close to enabling traders to trade in their sleep.

But….. Is the convenience a good thing? Read more in Forex Crunch

Breaking: TRADOLOGIC to Partner with Leverate

Leverate and Tradologic, two industry leaders in technology solutions for the financial investment industry, have welcomed the New Year by announcing their partnership. See the Press Release in Finance Feeds.