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Adinah Brown is a professional writer who has worked in a wide range of industry settings, including corporate industry, government and non-government organizations. Within many of these positions, Adinah has provided skilled marketing and advertising services and is currently the Content Manager at Leverate.

How the FX Trading Industry has Embraced WeChat

The envy of social media giants such as Facebook and WhatsApp, WeChat has become the one-stop-digital-shop in China, enabling all sorts of activities, from purchasing groceries, to broadening your social network, as a remote monitoring device to sharing gifts. In this article on Finance Magnates, we look at the benefit that WeChat holds for the […]

Hitting it Big as an FX broker in China and APAC

In the midst of an Asian golden era in financial trading, an eastward expansion is becoming an increasingly appealing option for many financial brokers. However a move into China and APAC is not without its own unique set of challenges. In this LeapRate article, Leverate shares many valuable insights on how to breach this market […]

Bitcoin Millionaires

In this Counting Pips article we look into who are the people that have become the almost mythical legends behind the sky-rocketing value of Bitcoin.

How to Profit Like Soros

$1,000 invested with George Soros in 1969 would supposedly now be worth in excess of $4 million, indeed his money management strategies have been the stuff of legends. But of course the  million dollar question is, how does he do it? And in Finance Feeds we look into exactly that.

Is Bitcoin A Safe-Haven Asset?

In a financial world of low investor returns and considerable economic and geopolitical upheaval, we consider whether Bitcoin is replacing gold as the preferred safe haven asset. Read the arguments for and against in Investing.com .

The Weird and Wonderful World of ICOs

Smart or just plain stupid, in this article on Counting Pips we provide a list of the more obscure or at least eye-brow-raising ICOs out there that are swelling the list of cryptocurrencies.

What was the riskiest investment you made that paid off?

Many traders are keen to share their stories of the most risky investments that they’ve ever made, with a rapture and enthusiasm that is perhaps only second to the stories of war-torn soldiers. In this article in Leap Rate, we interview a couple of early speculative investors and understand what made them decide to take […]

What Does a Successful Trader do Every Morning Before the Markets Open?

While each trading plan will largely determine the specifics of a trader’s morning preparation, in Forex Crunch we review those few essential tasks that all successful traders do before opening bell.

What is the Next Investment Wave to Ride On?

As technology continues to evolve, we consider what the next investment wave might be. Bill Gates speculated three industries of clean energy, artificial intelligence and biotechnology as being the most promising. In Finance Feeds, we consider the shores upon which each of these waves are likely to carry us.