About Adinah Brown

Adinah Brown is a professional writer who has worked in a wide range of industry settings, including corporate industry, government and non-government organizations. Within many of these positions, Adinah has provided skilled marketing and advertising services and is currently the Content Manager at Leverate.

Native Advertising and the First Steps to a Successful Campaign

The New York Times in partnership with Chartbeat conducted a study on the effectiveness of their native advertising platform and found that 50% of paid posts content outperformed in-house editorial content. In this Leap Rate article we discuss what native advertising is and how it works.

The Checkered History of the Failing Fed

The ongoing future of central banks appears to be in jeopardy . Massive systemic failures like the GFC, Eurozone debt troubles and the underbelly growth of cryptocurrencies, have all prompted many to call for an overhaul of the centralized banking system. In this article in Forex Crunch we review the checkered history of the US […]

The Interlacing Between Humans and AI

Google, Microsoft and IBM are all well and truly knee-deep in their respective AI development projects. Whether it is deep learning, digital reasoning, machine learning, or any other variation of the human-like cognitive activity, in Finance Feeds we discuss the fast approaching reality of a world saturated in AI technology.

An Inside Look into Trading Copper

Trading copper sounds like the kind of thing our grandparents would have done, along with investing in industries like the Great Pacific Railway Company. While it sounds like a kind of depression era industrial material that should no longer exist in our world of AI and IoT, demand for copper is as strong as ever. […]

Lost in Translation: How to Ensure Your Marketing Content is Accurately Translated

In our globalized market place where brokers are targeting traders in different countries and in different languages, there is the clear need to have marketing material translated. However a professional translation goes well beyond the actual meaning of each word. In this article in LeapRate, we strategize how you, the customer, can gauge the quality […]

SEC’s Warning Shots Over ICOs

The recent spike of initial coin offerings (ICO’s) has drawn the attention of the US financial industry’s regulatory body FINRA, who have since released a warning against the potential risk of ICOs. In Finance Magnates we discuss a number of the risks behind the warning and question its widescale validity across the ICO ecosystem.

Trading off the Phoenix Economy

A Phoenix economy are those nations that have been known to rise from the ashes, proudly growing where no growth looked possible. In the developed world’s command over global commerce, the search for value is a challenging pursuit. In Forex Crunch we explain how the seedlings of regrowth in a Phoenix economy can be that […]

The All-Powerful and Immutable Financial Market

So far this week we have seen some fairly horrific incidents from North Korea tensions rising, the revolt in Catalonia and of course the massacre in Las Vegas. And the fall out on the markets? Well, they’ve remained pretty much unaffected. In Investing.com we discuss the appearing immutability of the financial markets to global forces […]

The Toll of the “Nightmare Elections” on the Euro

Angela Merkel’s election win for the CDU/CSU party in Germany, has since been coined the “nightmare election” for precipitating a wave of political uncertainty and a falling euro. In Counting Pips, we anticipate what Merkel’s next moves may be towards forming a coalition government and what prospect it may hold for the value of the […]

How To Trade off the Performance of Facebook

In FinanceFeeds we consider the value of trading off the performance of Facebook. By all accounts Facebook is a financially healthy company with an ever growing revenue, but does its glowing performance record still make it a good company to trade? Or are its performance measures making it overvalued and difficult to realize a profit, […]