About Adinah Brown

Adinah Brown is a professional writer who has worked in a wide range of industry settings, including corporate industry, government and non-government organizations. Within many of these positions, Adinah has provided skilled marketing and advertising services and is currently the Content Manager at Leverate.

What 2017 Had to Say about the Best Marketing Practices?

2017 had a lot of contributions to make to the marketing tool kit. In Finance Feeds we look back on the year that was and identify those marketing developments that show the most promise and look set to evolve the industry further.

Candlesticks, Hammers and Shooting Stars: How to Read FX Charts

The ups and downs of trading charts are fairly undecipherable for the many who are trying to pick its future path. In this Counting Pips article, we’ll take you through the basics of trading FX to ensure that you are armored with more than just a hunch when making your next move.

What’s involved in creating a new ICO?

What’s actually involved in turning a cryptocurrency into an Initial Coin Offering? How is an ICO created and is it as intensive as becoming an IPO? In Forex Crunch, we get into detail in what’s involved in putting a new token on the market.

How to React to Economic Data – Sit Up or Sell Up?

The big news release is out and a bullet of uncertainty is triggered, reverberating across the markets throwing everyone’s charts into wild fits of volatility. As a trader what do you do now? In Counting Pips we suggest a strategy on how best to react to big economic news releases.

ICOs: Why Marketing Matters Most

At last count the number of individual ICOs on the market was over 1,000, the concept has proven to be so profitable that investors and fundraisers alike are tripping over one another to raise funds and invest in a market that literally contains no supervisory authorities. However in Leap Rate we discuss how, in this […]

Are Regulatory Authorities Ready for MIFID II?

Are you MiFID II compliant yet? Well, if you aren’t no need to worry because neither are around half of EU regulators. In Finance Magnates we explain how regulation authorities in Spain, Poland, Belgium and others, are still in a state of transposition, a process of converting MiFID II into local law.

Go Global, Think Local: 5 Ways to Avoid a Translation Fiasco

With translated content it’s a case of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” meaning that if the source text is rubbish the translated text is unlikely to be much better. In this Finance Feeds article we explain why competent translators can only do so much, when the quality of your published material depends on your entire content […]

Euro’s Last Hurrah Before It Takes A Tumble

The euro’s recent surge may not last much longer. Following less than expected inflation data, and better than expected US data, we may see a highly encouraging bounce for the USD, off from a higher low. In Investing.com we analyze how this will push the US dollar further up as the economic calendar moves closer […]

“One with it All” How to Select the Right Trading Platform

The success of your brokerage, no matter how good your marketing and acquisition funnel is, will be pinned to the quality of your trading platform. In this Leap Rate article we discuss the various platforms available on the market, and whether its possible to get one panacea platform with it all?

What Goes Up Must Eventually Come Down: The Bust of Universally High Asset Prices

As we approach a decade since the global financial crisis of 2008, the markets have seldom looked so good. Yes, there is concern regarding a Prime Rate crisis but than again the S&P 500 is higher, numerous national economies are showing strong economic growth as has Europe, even despite prevalent political instability. In Forex Crunch, […]