About Avishai Ben-Tovim

As VP of Sales and Business Development for Leverate, Avishai Ben-Tovim is an experienced, sales, marketing and business development executive with vast knowledge, and over 13 years of experience in various segments in hi tech, including online advertising, user acquisition, Fintech, media technologies, and enterprise software markets. He is a versatile, creative thinker, well versed in building and growing Sales and Marketing teams and passionate about sales process as the key to sales learning and scalability.

Nine Steps to Stop the Revolving Door of Sales Staff

From offering a good working culture, fostering growth, providing proper training and motivating top performance, Leverate’s VP of Sales and Business Development, Avishai Ben-Tovim, talks about the best strategies to slow down employee turnover in sales teams.

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10 Mistakes New Brokers Make

Good entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes. Great entrepreneurs though, learn from the mistakes others have made before them. No matter how shrewd of a business person you might be, every entrepreneurial venture is bound to have mishaps, mistakes and missteps and starting a Forex brokerage is no exception. Keep an eye on these 10 most […]