How to engage your audience in the era of GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) aims to protect all European Union citizens from privacy and data breaches in a digital environment where our personal data is increasingly driven around the globe and put into multiple hands. In Finance Feeds we explain how it’s in your company’s best interest to know not just how to comply […]

Bitcoin’s Fat Cats

While Bitcoin has made countless millionaires, one of the ironies is that the anonymity of the blockchain means that we actually don’t know who they are. Fortunately, many of Bitcoin’s richest have made themselves rather conspicuous, in Counting Pips we discover how easy they are to find.

Is EUR/USD Finally Ready To Drop?

The stock market dropped heavily last week. The EUR/USD which has been relatively stable dropped a couple of percentage points as the market kept its bid on the greenback. In we look at what is to come should stocks be sold off again in this risk-off atmosphere.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The history of cryptocurrencies has been nothing if not dramatic. In this Forex Crunch infographic we provide a break down of the most horrific events to have shaken the cryptocurrency industry.

The Key Behind Data-Driven Marketing

The nature of the marketing beast is that complacency is the worst thing for growing your business. In Leap Rate we address the necessity to adopt business intelligence tools and drive your marketing efforts with the best that technology has to offer.

Why Big Banks are not Willing to Support the Launch of Bitcoin Futures

Whether it was due to market bubbles and insane volatility, when it came to offering bitcoin futures, many of the big banks declined. In Finance Feeds we look into source of their underlying hesitancy.

Technical Analysis of the AUD/USD

In Counting Pips, Josh Brown one of Leverate’s market analysts lends his insights on expectations for the AUD/USD currency pair. As the Australian dollar continues to hit a resistance point, we consider whether it is likely to push through in light of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary tightening regimen.

How to Ensure Your Long Bitcoin Offerings Remain Profitable

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the trading methodology of “Buy and Hold” is far less profitable than what it is in forex, as bigger profits tend to only be realized in the long haul. For brokers, however, the ‘Buy and Hold’ approach is less profitable as it reduces the number of potential commissions made on […]

The Altcoins Creeping up on Bitcoin

With all focus on Bitcoin, it would be easy to overlook some of the other exciting new cryptocurrencies that have achieved percentage gains that have outstripped Bitcoin. In this Forex Crunch article we take a look at some of the alt-coins that exploded in 2017.

Banking on Blockchain

With the ability to transact payments far more efficiently and  cheaply, many are speculating whether blockchain will take over established banking? In GBO we propose that blockchain may not supersede traditional banks, but it is on path to permanently alter the future of banking.