How to Use the Forex Fibonacci

The apparent mystic qualities of the Fibonacci principle can be found in a wide range of natural phenomena and with its universal applicability, traders have eagerly applied the mathematical sequence to predicting movements in the markets. The results may be mixed, but the fascination is no less diminished. Read more in Forex Crunch.

Basic Hedging Principles

A common technique used by traders to minimize the level of risk they take on in their trading is to hedge. In Counting Pips, we explain what it means to hedge and to hedge well.

Trump Trading: Two Terrific and Timely Trades to Tell the Team

As volatility increases it helps to pay some attention to technical analysis, which can bring some order to the chaos. In we look at two specific pairs that appear to have reached the limit of their long term range. The USD/CHF and the USD/ILS both present as ideal trading opportunities.

Live from iFX EXPO International 2017: The Move East

Andrew Sacks-McLeod from Finance Feeds interviews Nicc Lewis, CMO at Leverate, at the iFX International Expo in Cyprus about operational pressures affecting retail brokers and the possible solution of skipping over all these pressures by moving into the Asia Pacific region. Yet while this presents new opportunities, it’s not without its own hurdles either that […]

5 Challenges Retail Brokers Are Dealing With and How to Solve Them

There is no denying that there are numerous challenges facing the financial trading industry at the moment. In this article published in the official iFX Expo magazine and Finance Magnates, Sami Mana explains that it is critical for brokers to utilize those challenges in order to grow through them.

What can discretionary traders learn from system traders?

What is the difference between discretionary trading and system trading? If system trading is about following a strategy, does that mean that discretionary trading is just a freestyle plunge into the markets? In Forex Crunch we nail down the differences.

Press Release: Leverate set to shine at the 2017 IFX EXPO in Cyprus

This year Leverate will be holding an interactive booth that will be showcasing their latest brokerage solutions of Activ8 and Optim8, two premium solutions that can either be used stand alone or in combination with each other. Read more in Finance Feeds.

4 must have features for your forex brokerage’s CRM

Whilst there are basic critical features that every CRM must have in order to get by. In this article published in LeapRate we list those CRM features that will take your brokerage to the next level and beyond.

Do interest rates even matter anymore?

The rise of populists politics is making life rather stressful for derivative traders, where its becoming almost impossible to predict the rapid movements of the market. In we look into how the increased volatility has made currency trading rather precarious and that traders might be best served by sitting on their hands for a while […]

The importance of trust when choosing a broker

The growing prevalence of specialized brokers which has made trading the markets open to everyone has brought down the elite enterprise of high street banks, as access to investments are become increasingly democratized. Yet, the question remains are traders actually better off in the new trading environment? In Counting Pips, we compare whether high street […]