Why has mobile adoption failed in financial trading?

Is trading just too complex for mobile? In Leap Rate Nicc Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer at Leverate, explains why mobile adoption rate is far less in financial trading than in other industries, what are the barriers that are holding it back and how they may be overcome.

How social media can help your trading

Social media has many uses, but have you ever considered social media as a means to improve your forex trading? It might not have the power to predict the market (yet), but in Forex Crunch we consider the role it has to play in enhancing your trading strategy.

How to keep a trading journal

Nothing teaches like hindsight, and for that reason entirely we encourage traders to keep a trading journal. A journal serves as a great way to monitor how your trading strategy is performing as well as your ability to stick to a plan. In Counting Pips we provide some useful directions on how to make the […]

Why you should leave positive comments on your competitor’s blog posts

There is no denying that forex trading is a competitive market. To address it, you first have to acknowledge it and then squeeze your presence in front of your competitor’s target audience. However, there are many rules to doing this right and doing it well. Read our article in Finance Feeds as we go into […]

4 reasons to automate your brokerage conversion process

Is your brokerage in the process of assessing the cost/benefit of incorporating automation tools into their conversion processes? If so, then this article in Finance Magnates is a must read as we analyze the often unrecognized benefits that automation tools have to offer.

Why you should compensate your sales people based on customer satisfaction and not just sales

As regulators have started to crack down on offering bonuses and enormous leverage rates, the model of compensating employees has been greatly impacted, particularly for those critical first time deposits or FTDs. In this article in Leap Rate we consider ways in which forex brokers can still motivate and compensate their sales staff.

The ultimate song playlist for traders

Sometimes all you need is a little music to put you in the mood, the right head space to get your trading groove on. For this reason we have compiled a play list on Counting Pips of our favourite songs to listen whilst deciding between the EUR/USD or the USD/JPY or the….?

Why small brokerages should appeal to the long tail of traders

With an ever increasing array of competitors, the challenges faced by small brokerages can seem stacked against them. In this article in Finanace Feeds we consider how a solution may actually be found in the perceived weakness. A small brokerage has the freedom to be more versatile and venture out to where no one else […]

Is it true that binary option brokers are moving into forex?


Transitiong to Forex appeared like the last option left on the table for most Binary Option brokers, yet the road to Forex has not been paved with gold. Read more about the Binary Option brokers who made this transition and braved it successfully.

10 words that will make you sound like a smart investor

Want to sound like a smart investor? We’ve prepared the ultimate lexicon cheat sheet on Forex Crunch. Just pepper a few conversations with these and it will undoubtedly earn you an impressive nod of approval from your forex colleagues.