Shh! The 4 Things Your Broker Doesn’t Want You to Know

We all have our little white lies, the full truths that we keep to ourselves. The bad news is that your forex broker is no exception. The good news though is that we’re here to tell you what they’re hiding, even if they are regulated. In Counting Pips we give you the tools to take […]

The High Street Banks that have Moved into Forex Retail Trading

As the forex trading market has undergone a rapid evolution, the unexpected beneficiaries have been high street banks who have seized a prime opportunity to extend their array of financial offerings. In Finance Magnates we list those banks that have ventured into retail trading.

The Myth of Diversification

You know the myth that we’re referring to, the one that has all the eggs in one basket. Well, we counter this myth head on and question whether diversification is a principle that should really be so strictly adhered to at all times. Read our article in LeapRate.

Investing in Bio-tech Vs Pharma

Have you considered investing in bio-tech and pharma? Well one thing you should know before you do, is that they’re as different as chalk and cheese. In we explain why

The AUD/USD at 0.78? Well, that Escalated Quickly!

The Australian dollar has been flung well past the previouse resistance line of 0.774 to hit 0.7834, a level which has not been seen since 2015.  With the cause largely due to a weakening US dollar, in Forex Crunch, we speculate whether this is an ideal time to sell or is it destined for an […]

Nicc Lewis CMO at Leverate to Participate at Frost & Sullivan Event

Press Release: Frost & Sullivan an internationally renowned business consultancy firm has invited Nicc Lewis, CMO at Leverate, to participate as a guest panelist in their conference on ‘Strategic Marketing Priorities’. Finance Feeds reports.

The Rise of Gold is Leaving a Trail of Smoke

Gold prices inched up this last week amid fears of North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile testing that took place, none too ironically, on America’s Independance Day. In Forex Crunch we look at the developments that are causing the safe haven metal asset to spike.

Technical Levels for this Week – JPY, CHF and NZD

This week in FXStreet we take a brief review of technical levels; the JPY, CHF and NZD. All of which are responding to a risk-on sentiment which is likely to last well in to August.

How Would Markets React to a Trump Impeachment?

If the American President is found guilty of obstruction of justice, we look at how the markets are likely to react in a probable impeachment. One thing you can be sure of is that you better be prepared for a bumpy ride. Read more in Finance Magnates .

5 Steps to Ensure Marketing Success

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”. The marketing activity of many small brokers is often ad-hoc and inconsistent, where they simply throw themselves on a good idea and hope that it works. In Leap Rate we provide tips on how to develop marketing plans that achieve results.