Partners in a Climb: the Aussie and the Rupee

Both the Australian dollar and the Indian rupee have experienced substantial gains in the last few days against the USD. In we analyze the recent gains of these currencies to determine whether they will both consolidate further on the back of their respective national economies.

Success in Customer Service

Studies show that acquiring a new customer can cost a company up to 25% more than retaining one and that increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profitability by as much as 95%. In this Leap Rate article we provide a number of techniques to establish customer loyalty, so that your clients keep coming back […]

Top 4 Most Evolutionary ICO Campaigns

Following the lead of Ethereum that successfully managed to address shortcoming of legal transactions, new cryptocurrency projects are sprouting up providing a range of innovative solutions to a whole raft of transaction problems. In this article in Forex Crunch, we list some of the most interesting ICOs that look set to revolutionize the financial industry […]

Infographic: 5 Superpowers of Marketing Automation

This week on Finance Feeds we provide an infographic that visually breaks down the numerous benefits of marketing automation; how it enhances your brokerage’s customer conversion rates whilst simultaneously increasing revenue.

The Real Value of Bitcoin?

As Bitcoin scratched the $5,000 ceiling recently and then preceded to subsequently fall, we question the real value of Bitcoin. Read our article in Leap Rate as we ask whether anyone can determine what each individual Bitcoin is fundamentally worth?

Should Brokers be Cashing in on the Cryptocurrency Craze?

While the temptation to open a cryptocurrency brokerage is very strong, there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome in order to be successful. In Finance Magnates we address many of these issues associated with execution, available liquidity, market volatility and the absence of regulation.

Back to School: What to expect from the markets this September

With the summer holidays over and the financial year back into full throttle, in this article in Counting Pips we take a quick overview of economic events likely to affect the global markets this September.

The Economic Toll of Hurricane Harvey

As Texans have begun the task of rebuilding their devastated homes and businesses, the narrative will gradually turn from the human cost to the rebuilding cost. With most of the damage caused by the torrential rains, the bulk of the loss is anticipated to be in property damage, but there is also the economic toll […]

Recent Greenback Weakness is The Eye of The Storm

The FOMC met late last week and consequently announced their decision to start tapering back their Qualitative Easing program along with terminating the practice of reinvesting proceeds of the qualitative easing bond purchasing program. In this article we anticipate how the US penny may drop, once the peg holding it up has been removed.

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

Adopted in more than 200 countries around the world, there are more than 433 million registered users on LinkedIn, making it far and wide the largest business networking working space in the world.  In our article in FinanceFeeds we provide critical tips to generate business through LinkedIn.