How to harness the power of video for your content strategy

If an image is worth a thousand words than a video is worth a thousand images. In the emergence of online digital content, researches have found that video content is critical for engaging clients with your brand and that it dramatically improves conversion rates by an astonishing 80%. In this article in Finance Feeds we […]

Podcasts to Press Play

Podcasts are a far more entertaining and engaging way for traders to get their latest updates in the world of Forex. As posts vary widely in their ability to offer the latest in news, education, analysis and insight, we took a poll around our offices at Leverate to determine which podcasts are the most worthwhile […]

Buyer Beware: NZD/USD Upwards Pressure Is Limited

If you are considering to trade the NZD off the USD, trader beware, you may well be buying off the rebound. Read our article in as we explain how the current bullish drive is misleading, in a development that is ultimatly downward bound.

The impact of fake news on the markets

The web and particularly social media has become the perfect arena for the proliferation of fake news. While much of it is easily spotted as fake, it’s the more convincing, but still entirely false news pieces that have the potential to not only capture public attention, but influence the financial markets. Read more in Counting […]

Press Release: Leverate’s SAAS tools refined for improved UX

FX brokerage technology provider, Leverate, makes important refinements to its SAAS tools for refined user experience and in order for brokers to tailor their instruments more comprehensively. For more details see the press release in Finance Feeds.

Using Google News to build your thought leader image

Developing an internal media marketing strategy through thought leadership is key to building your brokerage’s success. A great way to develop your thought leadership image is via Google’s news feed. In Leap Rate we discuss how not only does Google News develop awareness of your brand across an enormous platform, but it does so, by […]

How traders can get the most out of their mobile application?

While traders will quite happily order their next ride via uber or book their next holiday, while on their holiday, as of yet trading on a mobile application is still at a dismal low. In this article on FXStreet, we discuss how a broker can design their mobile platform so that traders are more likely […]

New Fintech platforms herald the rise of mobile trading

Simplicity and affordability – the 2 draw cards bringing Millennials to invest via their phones. Read in Forbes how Leverate has contributed to shaping this development in the financial trading industry.

Do your clients believe you based on your landing page?

Did you know that the landing page of your brokerage’s website holds a direct correlation between its perceived level of trust and your client conversion rate. You may have spent considerable time and resources designing your website and bringing it to life, but if you fail to capture the trust of your visitors, then it […]

‘Adjacents’ moving into retail trading

Many businesses in the financial industry are looking into retail trading as a new revenue line. Retail trading lends itself as an ideal adjacent as it requires much of the same infrastructure and becomes an appealing solution under the pressure of competition and stringent regulation. Read more about this increasing development in Finance Magnates.