Tel Aviv, Israel

About the Office

Leverate’s office spans the 18th and 19th floors
of Champion Tower, one of the tallest office
buildings in Israel.We are conveniently located
near the heart of Israel’s Financial Services
sector, within a few minutes’ drive of several
major highways. An amazing view of Greater
Tel Aviv and cold beer from the office bar are
just a couple of the perks waiting for you.

Open Positions

Job Description:
• Provide technical support to VIP clients by e-mail and phone
• Address all product-related queries on time
• Respond to customer inquiries
• Provide developers with customers’ feedback to help identify potential new features or products
• Analyze customers’ needs and suggest upgrades or additional features to meet their requirements
• Maintaining system integrity and identifying problems

Job Requirements:
• Experience in the Forex industry (as dealer or retention manager)
• Excellent level of English written and verbal communications
• Previous Experience as an Account Manager/Customer Service – Mandatory
• B2B Account Management experience – significant advantage
• Experience in the Fin-Tech/Finance/Forex Industry – Must
• BA in Economics/Business Management or relevant degree – An advantage


Job Description:
Participate in designing and developing a flagship product of the company

Job Requirements:
• At least 3 years’ experience with C# language
• Experience with object oriented design and development
• Highly motivated, team player and eager to learn and create
• Ability to write clean, scalable and maintainable code
• Experience writing Restful APIs and understanding of the HTTP protocol
• Html, CSS, Javascript
• Experience working with SQL databases

• Big data technologies
• MicroServices experience
• Machine Learning
• React, Angular
• Leading university computer sciences or software engineering graduates


Job Description:
• In-charge of client-side development using ReactJS and a rich framework stack
• Exposure to new client technologies , research and integrate them
• Design, develop and deploy our front-end stack using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies
• In charge of maintaining the code using various testing frameworks for unit testing and E2E testing

Job Requirements:
• 3 years of actual experience in client framework (Angular1, Angular2, ReactJS, Ember, Backbone, etc…)
• Have an experience in a complex client application
• Have Deep understanding in at least one software development language

Preferred Requirements/Bonus points:
• Have experience in React Mobile application development
• Good understanding of how mobile views work
• Proficiency in web standards and protocols, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS and HTTP
• Strong understanding of JavaScript and common design patterns (and anti-patterns)
• Passionate about new technologies, development methodologies and continual learning
• Experienced in full duplex client-server communication
• Good understanding of advanced browser debugging (breakpoints, stack, timeline and various extensions)
• Experienced in cross-browser development and problem solving
• Experienced in Test-Driven development (AAA principles, Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, Selenium)


Job Description:
• Maintaining system integrity and identifying problems
• Working with various parties within the organization
• Part time position in 24/6 shifts, flexibility in hours

Job Requirements:
• Understanding of Windows operating system
• Understanding computer networks
• Customer service experience and orientation
• Excellent level of English
• Student for BA in Economics / Industrial Management or relevant degree – an advantage
• Experience with Linux – an advantage
• Understanding the financial world – an advantage
• Arabic speaker – an advantage

***Willing to work a minimum of 3 shifts per week, including night shifts***


Main Responsibilities:
• Leading, growing and aspiring teams of software developers and QA engineers
• Taking care of all their technical and soft-skills aspects
• Responsible for the delivery of high quality and on time projects and products
• Define, monitor, improve and execute software development processes with frequent interaction with our product management team as well as with our customers which cooperate with us as design parterres
• Reporting to the COO

Key Aspects:
• Familiar with Big Data
• Had been working on a scale-out architecture
• Highly talented engineer with a background in back-end development
• Knowledge of mobile development (Android\iOS)- an advantage!
• Extensive knowledge and experience in multi-threaded, concurrent, asynchronous and message driven systems
• Experience with Agile teams management
• Experience with BDD and Continuous Integration methodologies in a development strategy
• Proven experience as a development team leader, motivator and mentor

Job Requirements:
• Investments\Trading\Streaming\Gaming experience
• Minimum of 5 years of management experience
• Minimum 3 years as manager of managers
• SAAS companies – an advantage!
• Minimum of 10 years of hands-on coding, at least 3 on Microsoft.Net
• Highly motivated
• Problem solver and out of the box thinking
• superb business understanding


Job Description:
• Collect technical and business related requests from inside and outside of the company
• Build a product vision
• Manage a backlog
• Create a road map
• Drive thee requirements definitions by creating highly detailed user stories
• Cover all UI and UX aspects of the managed products
• Prioritize R&D’s tasks
• Clearly communicate product functionality and enhancements to stakeholders and users
• Measure and optimize product’s main features and functionalities adoption

Job Requirements:
• Experienced product manager with proven deliveries
• Vast knowledge and experience in financial technology
• Highly motivated
• Details oriented
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to lead w/o authority
• Self-initiator, capable of working with ever changing business environment