Surprised? Well so was I when this title was first suggested to me. But in the interest of comedic relief, let’s get out of our gray suits for a moment, slip into something more comfortable, dim the lights and get started…


In the past I’ve rhapsodized about how marketing automation will do wonders for improving your financial brokerage’s profit margins. With benefits such as enhancing the quality of leads and increasing the probability of lead conversions, it also improves marketing/sales productivity and allows for real-time communication with clients. The proof is in the statistics and the piles of research that explain how it works, why it works and how companies who use marketing automation have increased their revenue by 77% and their customer conversion rate by 53%. So, really, need I say more?

But now that we have got the boring statistics out of the way, let’s dim the lights, put on a bit of Barry White and lets’ get down to how marketing automation will do wonders to your love life.

Well, wonders may be an exaggeration. Let’s just say it may be of some benefit, or just put you in the right direction. Hmm, even that may be a stretch….. How about why it works better than your stamp collection to inspire the opposite sex?

  1. Will make you look superior. It’s a cold hard fact and Darwin’s theory of evolution confirms the reality of it; people who look capable are more likely to copulate. Yes, you can quote me on that. With its state-of-the-art panache, if you go around telling people that you use marketing automation as a central part of your client acquisition funnel, people will indeed assume the following:
  • That you’re rich and can afford to be an early technology adopter.
  • That you’re smart, anything that sounds techy, sounds smart.
  • You have lots of free time for lovin’. Having automated your systems, what else are you going to do?
  • You look confident. Much like going to the dentist and having fresh teeth for a day.

The subject of your affections is obviously bound to respond positively to these perceptions.


  1. The use of personalization. If no-one ever told you this before, it’s about time someone told you now, and if it’s gotta be me, then so be it. Do not ever send a generic love letter, without a name on it or for that matter without any personal message. It’s something about the authenticity, that’s right, it’s missing. Our marketing automation technology is integrated with your brokerage’s CRM and trading platform, from which it collects valuable information on every client which is used when sending messages to them. If you have to use our marketing automation tool to send a 25th-anniversary card to your wife, then that’s fine, I won’t tell anyone.


  1. Opens those critical doors of communication. I have watched enough midday television to let you know with significant certainty that the health of any relationship can be determined by the quality of the communication. Thank-you Dr Phil, Oprah and of course Jerry Springer. No matter which point your clients are at in the acquisition funnel, the system makes contact with a relevant message that seeks to address their interests. What’s more, it invites leads to progress to the next stage along the funnel, for the purposes of deepening that relationship. That dilemma of how to ask out that girl at the bar is finally over, marketing automation is officially your wing man.


  1. Real-time response. So you met a guy the other day and you went out on a crazy whim and gave him your number and now, silly you, you’re playing the waiting game. “When will he call? Will he call? Oh, my god, he’s not gonna call! What the hell was I f***ing thinking???” Well, these tiring days are over and you have marketing automation to thank for that. Yes, that’s right, the real time response of marketing automation ensures that there is a timely response to every contact that is made by a lead. No, it doesn’t come across as needy, it comes across as open and friendly. After all, there’s evidence to show that when you’re on someone’s mind, the time to strike – is now.


  1. Persistence always pays. Remember that family legend of how your grandfather proposed to your grandmother a full nine times before she actually agreed to marry the lucky bastard? Well, there is a lesson to be learned from that uncanny persistence and marketing automation has taken that lesson to heart. Seizing any opportunity, whether it is to provide updates, technical advice, trading support or suggestions, our automation tool will make contact to deepen and enrich the level of engagement. It’s about persisting through all the no’s until you finally get a yes. After 50 years of marriage, you know that your grandfather’s persistence paid off – and so will yours.


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