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Eti De Leon 

Eti De Leon joined Leverate as VP HR in 2016. She is responsible for leading the organizational culture as well as leading the HR strategy and its execution: acquisition, training and development of employees. With over 20 years of HR experience in leading high tech companies, 8 of them as VP HR, Eti brings with her outstanding knowledge and expertise.

Eti believes that the role of HR is to maximize the mutual cooperation between the employees and the organization. The role of the HR department is to recruit excellent employees, develop them professionally and empower them to have positive influence in the organization. HR department is a full time partner in running the company, its role is to bring employees and the company to prosperity. Eti has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Law from Ono Academic Center.

During her free time, Eti enjoys spending time with her family which includes her two daughters and 2 big dogs, cooking, traveling the world and volunteering in the community. In addition to that, Eti is a collector of vintage items and witch dolls and a great hatter.

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