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Itai Novak 

Itai Novak serves as Leverate’s CFO, and is responsible for the financial activities of the Company, budgeting, controls, payroll, legal and regulation. Under his leadership, the Finance department provides an accurate and timely picture of the company’s performance.

Itai is an Israeli CPA. Itai brings more than 5 years of financial management experience in the Fintech industry.

Doron Cohen 
CO-Founder and Chairman of the board of directors

Itai Damti 
CO-Founder and Managing Director -Asia Pacific

Nir Shem-Tov
General Manager
PLB Business Unit

Nicc Lewis 
Chief Marketing Officer

Avishai Ben-Tovim
General Manager
Active and Social
Business Unit

Sami Mana
General Manager
LXLite Business Unit

Shlomi Lifshitz 
VP Global Sales