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Yossi Roash 
R&D Site Manager

Yossi Roash serves as Leverate’s R&D Site Manager, and relocated to the Ukraine to establish and lead this development group. Yossi brings with him more than a decade of software development experience, and has been with Leverate since its early stages , including time spent as a main programmer for Leverate’s initial products, and a stint as VP Affiliate Business. In his free time, Yossi enjoys coming up with new ideas to try out in the kitchen.

Doron Cohen 
CO-Founder and Chairman of the board of directors

Itai Damti 
CO-Founder and Managing Director -Asia Pacific

Nicc Lewis 
Chief Marketing Officer

Avishai Ben-Tovim 
Chief Revenue Officer

Li Carmel 
Chief HR Officer

Sami mana
Chief of Staff