Advantages of the Leverate SiRiX Platform for the White Label Broker

There are many reasons to create an FX/CFD brokerage under the White-Label business model.  The myriad technical and financial elements required for a successful startup for a multi-asset broker may be too daunting or expensive in terms of manpower and time.  This is where Leverate shines for its clients!  We assemble all the necessary elements such as your market liquidity, a comprehensive CRM for full communication with your IBs and customers, social trading, and prop trading, just to name a few.  Of course, as a leading technology provider, Leverate can incorporate your existing services into our white-label offering.

Whether or not you decide to opt for just some of the Leverate stable of products and services or the complete SiRiX Venture Turnkey Solution, one of the key elements to your new FX/CFD Brokerage is the trading platform.  

A multi-asset broker may decide to go with any readily available FX/CFD/Crypto trading platform but then they may need to bear all the costs of licensing, plugins, and customer support.  There are a few accepted trading platforms out there, of course, but they often have a few disadvantages to the multi-asset broker.

Many of even the most popular platforms are quite good.  However, that is often the extent of the program…a trading platform, nothing more.  One of the key advantages of the SiRiX trading platform, developed by Leverate for its white-label brokerage clients, is the variety of features available directly on the platform.  

The last thing an FX/CFD/Crypto broker needs is that its clients have to stray off their trading platform to look for other services.  Building brand loyalty among the white-label broker’s customers is not just about embedding a logo on a trading platform.

Clients who trade on a multi-asset broker’s SiRiX trading platform have enough features available to them, embedded within the platform, to maintain their attention.  For example, under a traditional setup, should a client require customer support, they would have to seek out assistance by leaving the platform and searching for help on the broker’s website.  SiRiX has an AI-driven chatbot built into the platform giving traders direct access to customer support.

Retail FX/CFD and Crypto traders, especially new ones, are always looking for help with trading decisions.  The SiRiX trading platform provides customers with comprehensive trading signals at the click of a button, ensuring that they do not need to venture off-site to look for other offerings.

As well, many new Forex traders may come to the conclusion that they don’t have the time to study the markets and formulate their own trading decisions.  The option of social trading is often a more attractive proposition and SiRiX is one of the few trading platforms that offer multi-asset FX/CFD/Crypto social trading in such a prominent fashion.  Customers can then relax and invest a relatively small amount of time investigating and evaluating the comprehensive array of social traders available.  

Retail traders on the SiRiX platform can quickly make the decision to select one or more master traders under the social trading scheme.  They can view easy-to-interpret results and graphically display track records of past and current performance.

Of course, the embedding of compelling content and features in the SiRiX platform is not restricted to the existing Leverate stable of modules.  Should any of our white-label FX/CFD/Crypto brokers wish to embed their third-party service, such as a news feed, we are more than happy to help.

Overall, with the expertise and understanding of the market, the Leverate teams of professionals make, and continue to develop, the best white-label platform for multi-asset brokerage.

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