About Yael Warman

Yael Warman is a creative writer with a strong background in marketing and advertising. Yael has been a writer for over 10 years and has worked for clients in various industries as well as her own companies and is currently the Content Manager at Leverate.

The chemical effects of trading


Both winning and losing can produce a chemical effect in your brain, that makes it hard to control your stamina and sense of calm. Read our article in LeapRate to learn how this happens and what you can do to get a grip over your portfolio.


Avoid a binary options’ kiss of death

If you are a financial trading broker and you are not yet changing your tactics and adapting to the recent changes in regulatory measures, I am sorry to tell you that you have sentenced your brokerage to death by comfort. There is simply no way for brokerages to continue conducting business as usual with the […]

Forex trading for the unbanked

There are approximately 2.5 million people who do not have a formal account at a financial institution, this may leave many a forex trader wannabe out of forex brokerage’s reach.

Read our article in Forex Crunch and find out how you can access this potentially profitable pool of traders


Four Ways to Shift Your Marketing Strategy from Binary to Forex

With the days of many binary options brokerages counted thanks to the increasing pressure from regulators and the bad press the industry has received in recent months, brokers are looking at ways in which to stay afloat. One way that is proving successful at helping binary options brokers pull through the challenges, is adding Forex […]

How to become a professional and profitable trader while working a full time job?

The idea of trading whilst working in a full time job can be very appealing as a highly lucrative way to top-up your income. Yet putting this ideal into practice can be a significant challenge.

Read our article in Counting Pips and learn how to balance your full time job with your trading career.


Clicking your way to conversion

Increasing the click-through-rate from search results, banners, social media posts and other digital marketing pieces is what will ultimately generate you more conversions.

Read our article in FinanceFeeds and learn how to provide an environment that is conducive to getting people to click in order to guide users along the conversion funnel.


How to improve customer retention

A lot of new Forex brokerages put their focus on sales conversions because of the quick profit potential there is in new customers, however, the long term success of a brokerage lies in its ability to rock their retention. It is retention of customers, not conversion, that has the greater impact of maximizing profits.

Find some […]

Advances and Concerns in Algo-Trading

Some say trading robots are the panacea of trading, while others regard them with rather a suspicious approach.

In our article for Counting Pips, we consider their actual pros and cons, analyze what they offer and go over the way in which they have changed the forex trading arena since their introduction to the market.


How to Create Engaging Content for Mobile Users

With the growing trend to consume digital content on mobile devices rather than a computer, knowing how to capture your reader’s attention on mobile is becoming increasingly important.

Check out our article in Finance Magnates for a few tips to ensure that your content gets a thorough look-over by your mobile readers.


Trading on Your Lucky Stars

Forex psychology plays a huge role in the achievement of trading success and often times, feeling overconfident following a lucky streak can be a recipe for disaster.

Read our post in Forex Crunch and learn how to trade leveraging your strengths, rather that your luck.