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The retail trading industry is becoming increasingly competitive, to stay ahead in the industry brokers need to incorporate technology and apply advanced business intelligence into their operations.

Leverate’s Professional Services is there to support brokers achieve business excellence. At all levels of operation, from the acquisition and conversion of new clients through to retention, our services will enhance the client’s life time value and improve the broker’s ROI.

So how do we do it?

Analyze broker performance and identify solutions

  • Assess broker’s activities in terms of trading volume, P&L, the value of first & second time deposits, etc.
  • Present a summary of findings to the broker.
  • Work collaboratively with the broker to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Design and Implement Marketing Funnels
  • Create customer segments that capture the entire customer conversion and retention process.
  • Provide consultation advice for creating marketing campaigns for each segment.
  • Develop a series of marketing funnels.
  • Develop a scoring system to evaluate the quality of each prospect.
  • Institute AB testing to ensure optimum operation of marketing campaigns.

Optimize performance through insights gleaned from the BI system

  • Set up integration between data sources and the business intelligence system.
  • Analyze BI data to ensure that there is an optimal workflow with the broker’s CRM.
  • Compare conclusions from the BI data against day to day in office activities.
  • Ensure that the BI tools are addressing the information needs of the broker.
Monitor Performance
  • Regularly evaluate the degree to which KPIs have been met through the developed funnels.
  • Regularly consult with broker to provide feedback and understand future business directions.

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