War Horses: Chinese “Unicorns” Are Not Racing to the US

Unicorns are apparently real in the financial landscape, where this nickname has been assigned to start-up companies that have surpassed 1 Billion USD valuation. In Counting Pips we ask why is China keeping its steady stream of unicorns from US stock exchanges.

Domino Effect: How Will a Trade War Influence the Rest of Asia?

Every war has collateral damage, especially if this war involves two of the world’s greatest superpowers. And that is also true in the case of the escalating trade tensions between the US and China. In FXStreet we turn our attention to the South-East Asian markets to see how they’re affected.

Land of the rising expectations: did “Abenomics” deliver?

Japan’s long-serving prime minister Shinzō Abe has made a name for himself in 2012 by ushering in a new financial policy that was supposed to bring Japan’s economy back on track after years of recession. It is known as “Abenomics”, and in Forex Crunch we assess whether it succeeded.

Can Hong Kong Really Become a FinTech Hub?

Leverate CO-Founder and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Itai Damti, discusses how a lack of relevant founders (the important “power couple” of suit+techie) and a lack of friendly regulations are the 2 main issues standing in the way of Hong Kong becoming a FinTech hub.

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