Obtain Regulation with Full Ownership

As the regulatory landscape becomes stricter and more complex, obtaining licensing and regulation from a reputable jurisdiction stops being a “nice to have” to become a “must have”. Obtain your own regulation with the help of a lawyer specializing in helping brokers obtain Forex regulation and let Leverate provide you with all the necessary tools […]

Obtain Instant Regulation with LXLite

The entire regulatory landscape of the FX industry is constantly evolving and while we see it as a positive step, one that will ultimately legitimize the industry, we realize that it poses a tremendous burden on small brokerages and those looking to start-up. Just the process of becoming licensed is not an easy one. The […]

The 3 secrets to boosting your brokerage’s performance – conclusion

Tying it all in

Multi-platform use is on the rise. The average consumer may begin the purchasing process on their mobile phones by way of research, jump online on their tablets to do price comparisons and culminate the buying process of checkout and payment on their PCs. The average Forex trader is no different; he/she will […]

The 3 secrets to boosting your brokerage’s performance – secret 3


From scrolling through social media networks to getting the news, checking e-mails and taking pictures, we spend more time on our smartphones that we ever did before. Recent studies reveal that people use their mobile devices more than twice as much as they do their desktop computers to connect to the internet.

With the advent of […]

The 3 secrets to boosting your brokerage’s performance – secret 2


Automation is changing the way in which entire industries operate. Across the board, companies which implement automated processes see a significant boost in performance and a reduction in costs in the form of human resources and human error.

The Forex industry in particular can benefit tremendously when implementing automation tools in various aspects of the business […]

The 3 secrets to boosting your brokerage’s performance – secret 1

Social trading

Also known as copy trading or mirror trading, social trading is a tool in which traders are given the ability to copy the actions of other traders automatically. Social trading isn’t a new tool per se. Its introduction to the market took place a little over a decade ago, but it wasn’t until recently […]