Brokers Are Looking for Alternative Payment Methods

Many Forex brokers are having trouble with transactions from their clients being declined by financial or governmental institutions. In this new article in Finance Magnates we look at Terrexa Pay – our new crypto-based payment solution that promises to make transfer declines a thing of the past.

Interview with Oren Mizrachi – Director of Crypto at Leverate

Where is the Crypto industry going? What are Leverate’s latest Crypto innovations? The Crypto market keeps changing, and Leverate is always ready for it! Read all about it in a new interview with Oren Mizrachi, Leverate’s Director of Crypto, on GBO.

How Will a European Autonomous Payment Channel Affect the USD?

Germany recently announced its intention to launch an independent SWIFT system, in response to US sanctions on Germany’s allies. In FXStreet we estimate the potential of such a move to reshape the world’s economic arena.


Is South Korea Legalizing ICOs?

The whole world had its eyes fixed on the Korean peninsula last week, and while most of the attention is drawn by North Korea, in GBO we take a look at the financial atmosphere in South Korea to wonder whether it’s on its way to become an ICO-friendly environment.