What’s Driving the Pound Up and Down These Days?

Brexit is drawing nearer every day, and anyone who’s trading against the GBP is following closely on any piece of news about the deal between the UK and the EU. In Investing.com we summarize the analysts’ views on where the chips will fall.

Major Details: Don’t Leave Out the Minor Pairs

Most traders tend to go the easy route and bet on the well-traded currency pairs – the 7 majors which account for about 85% of the Forex market. In Forex Crunch we give you good reasons to consider the minor pairs.

Where Is the EUR/USD Heading in the Near Future?

It’s been a volatile few months for the EUR/USD since it’s started its last rally in October and reached its last high of 1.25 in February. While traders are left guessing, we review the current situation in FXStreet.