What US Rate Rises Say About Its Growth?

America is well past its Quantitative Easing, and the markets are generally on a longer-than-usual bull run, yet the Federal Reserve believes that interest rate hikes are needed in order to slow down the economy. In Counting Pips we examine the Fed’s approach.

What Makes the Dollar Retain Its Dominance?

The EU wants to strengthen the role of the Euro, and China launched yuan-denominated oil futures, but the US dollar still reigns supreme. With growing resentment in international markets, we take a look at the reasons behind the dollar’s almost mystical value, in Forex Crunch.

All roads lead to Rome: Why is Italy on everyone’s mind?

The EU has just finished bailing out Greece from its financial woes, and a new threat on its balance emerged in the form of Italy’s 2019 budget which increases deficit spending. In Forex Crunch we explain the roots of the Italian crisis and its future implications on Europe.

Competing Narratives: Is the Growth of Giant Companies Good for the Economy?

A company worth 1 trillion dollars seemed like science fiction a few decades ago, but these days it seems like the US economy is becoming much more concentrated. In Counting Pips we evaluate whether the new rules of the market are good for the US economy.


The Future of NAFTA – Will Trump Make North America Great Again?

President Trump announced he would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement shortly after he was elected, with the intention of lowering the US trade deficit. In Forex Crunch we wonder if Trump’s promises might end up in an agreement without Canada.

Spiraling Out of Control: Emerging Markets’ Currencies

In a time of worldwide turmoil, the first to suffer the consequences of economic instabilities are Emerging Market Economies. The recent Turkish Lira was the first to drop in a series of EM currencies, and in Investing.com we wonder whether they are still a valid investment.

Friend or Foe – How Does Trump View Other Economies?

Every new development in US’ foreign relations bolsters the feeling that Trump is there to upend expectations on the international front. With news that the NAFTA pact is now at risk, we ask in Counting Pips what drives Trump’s view on other economies.

What are Turkey’s Options?

With mounting fears that the Turkish debt crisis will start a domino effect, the eyes of the financial world are on President Erdoğan. In Forex Crunch we examine his escape routes out of this situation.

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful: How to Make a Profit from Emerging Markets Crisis?

Seasoned investors know that there are always opportunities available, even in times of crisis. In light of the fall in Emerging Markets assets’ value, in FXStreet we give our advice on how to stay optimistic and prepare for their rebound.