Partnerships That Work – How and Why?

What makes good business partnerships work? In this new Finance Magnates article, we take a look at LXClub – Leverate’s new partnership package to see what key advantages partners are looking for.

Success in Today’s Forex World

Success in Today’s Forex World
A few years ago it seemed like the forex market is shrinking, with too many competitors over too little opportunities. But in this new Finance Magnates article we argue that for those who have the will, the sky is barely the limit.

What US Rate Rises Say About Its Growth?

America is well past its Quantitative Easing, and the markets are generally on a longer-than-usual bull run, yet the Federal Reserve believes that interest rate hikes are needed in order to slow down the economy. In Counting Pips we examine the Fed’s approach.

Brokers Are Looking for Alternative Payment Methods

Many Forex brokers are having trouble with transactions from their clients being declined by financial or governmental institutions. In this new article in Finance Magnates we look at Terrexa Pay – our new crypto-based payment solution that promises to make transfer declines a thing of the past.

The Sound Advice Risk Indicator – Should We Pay Attention?

Market analysts have been warning of an imminent market crash for quite some time, each one of them bringing his own analytical crystal ball into the table. In FXStreet we break down the Sound Advice Risk Indicator to see if it’s worth your time.

What Makes the Dollar Retain Its Dominance?

The EU wants to strengthen the role of the Euro, and China launched yuan-denominated oil futures, but the US dollar still reigns supreme. With growing resentment in international markets, we take a look at the reasons behind the dollar’s almost mystical value, in Forex Crunch.

How Long Will the Market Keep Its Momentum?

Major US stocks were dropping today after a long bullish run, and that brings up again the old investment question: when does a trend end? In Counting Pips we give our opinion, and advise you to focus on the long run.

General Electric: How Low Can It Go?

General Electric has been an icon of American success since its foundation by Thomas Edison, as one of the original components of the Dow Jones. Its ongoing decline in the 21st century is at the center of our new analysis.

All roads lead to Rome: Why is Italy on everyone’s mind?

The EU has just finished bailing out Greece from its financial woes, and a new threat on its balance emerged in the form of Italy’s 2019 budget which increases deficit spending. In Forex Crunch we explain the roots of the Italian crisis and its future implications on Europe.

Interview with Oren Mizrachi – Director of Crypto at Leverate

Where is the Crypto industry going? What are Leverate’s latest Crypto innovations? The Crypto market keeps changing, and Leverate is always ready for it! Read all about it in a new interview with Oren Mizrachi, Leverate’s Director of Crypto, on GBO.