The WeChat Power Boost

What WeChat can do for your brokerage, is similar to what a protein shake will do for your body; supercharge energy levels and provide extended power. But unlike the protein drink, WeChat does this through the power of integration.  In Leap Rate we discuss why WeChat needs to be a crucial part of your business […]

Independence Lost: Catalan’s Plight for Succession

In Counting Pips, we review the Catalonian bid for succession and how it all came to a grinding halt on October  27th, 2017. But what has the aftermath entailed? We consider the economic toll on Catalonia, especially its capital, Barcelona, the impending regional elections and the conspicuous absence of a turbulent Euro.

Trading Forex Using Extreme Condition Signals

The most successful traders jump in when they discover the market is overbought or oversold in order to reap the greatest profits, but identifying this is never easy. In this FXStreet article we list those technical signals that traders use to ping the market at those exact times.

MIFID II Implications for Brokers, Affiliates, and the FX Industry

Many brokers and affiliates have lamented that the soon to be imposed MiFID II, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, is just not cricket, claiming that the legal standards favour big banks and financial institutions. In Finance Magnates we look into the new policy requirements that are going to hit EU brokers and affiliates hardest.

How to Enhance the Value of Your WeChat Account

If you are  expanding your brokerage into China, then utilizing WeChat is an absolute must for raising awareness about your brand. In this Leap Rate article we identify the rules of engagement; the WeChat arena and how the marketing game is played.

The Emergence of Ethereum – Its Technology, Blockchain and Brokers

One of the cryptocurrencies that has gained greatest traction and is widely believed to have the strongest fundamental value is Ethereum. In this Forex Crunch article, we look at its technology, blockchain and brokers.

Street Talk: What are the Top Performing Cryptocurrencies?

In Counting Pips we take to the “streets” or more accuratly the trading chat sites to ask traders which cryptocurrencies they think show the most promise? While Bitcoin and Ethereum certainly figure there are a few surprising mentions as well.

How to run a successful contest on Facebook

Ever wondered how you could take your brokerage’s social media marketing to the next level? In this Finance Feeds article we suggest the option of conducting Facebook contests, as a unique and perhaps more effective way of reaching out to your audience.

Trading ICOs—Are You Ready for It?

ICOs have risen in popularity as the wave created by bitcoin and ethereum has swept everything up in its tide. In this Counting Pips article we consider the ease with which profits can be made  and secured with ICO’s instead of traditional IPO’s.

Combining the Best of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

As a marketer in the retail trading industry, outbound marketing is often prioritized over inbound marketing. However, the truth is both have their pros and cons. In Leap Rate we propose that the answer is to be found in incorporating both into your marketing strategy for maximum results.