The 8 Meanings of 8

Golden arches, a bitten apple, a letter f inside a blue square… we see them and we know what they mean. Choosing a logo is one of a company’s most important and crucial decisions. Logos have so much emotional power that often, the names of the companies they represent don’t need to be spelled, they […]

Five Types of Communication in Tech Companies – and What Tools You Should Use for Them

In a follow-up post to his ‘On Internal Communication Tools for Start-ups’, Itai Damti, Leverate’s Founding Partner and Managing Director of APAC, discusses what types of communication exist in a tech company, highlighting cross-department communication, and shares his opinions about the best (and worst) tools for each type of communication.

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On Internal Communication Tools for Start-ups

Internal communication is a key element in a company’s agility and performance, and establishing the right tools for efficient and effective communication is a task not to be taken lightly. Iati Damti, Leverate’s Founding Partner and Managing Director of APAC talks about how the company moved from 30 employees to 140 in the course of […]

Top 3 Reasons why I Want to get Negative Feedback as a Product Manager

As a Product Manager, one of the most important tools for me to work with is customer feedback and many articles have been written about the subject. However, before we continue praising it, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t build your roadmap based on customer feedback alone

In the keystone article ‘GOOD Product Manager, BAD […]

Behavioral Convergence, Part IV: Giving your Marketing Super Powers

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts on behavioral convergence. Please visit the first, second , and third blog posts in the series for more information.

Theory is all well and good, but how do we apply behavioral convergence in order to give our marketing plans super powers? There are five fundamental principles that all need to […]

Behavioral Convergence, Part III: Where is the real challenge?

This is the third in a series of blog posts on behavioral convergence. Please visit the first  and second blog posts in the series for more information.

My teacher once instructed me to stand in class and tell everyone that I was going to fail History after my abysmal effort on a test at school. Of course, I […]

Behavioral Convergence, Part II: The Power of Many

This is the second in a series of blog posts on behavioral convergence. Please click here to visit the first blog post in the series.

What makes social games like Candy Crush so sticky? Why are social trading (or copy trading) networks like Sirix Social so popular in the financial services market?  When did we start […]

Behavioral Convergence: An Introduction to the Force of Marketing

My father, who is in his seventies, commented to me that he chose the website he uses to book hotels because it only allows people who stayed at the hotel to give a review. This is an excellent example of convergence, which describes the way our behavior as consumers is influenced by the behavior of […]

Law, Retail FX, and Kylie Minogue

In a recent guest editorial, Steven Kruger, Leverate General Counsel gave his views on law, Forex, and Kylie Minogue to LeapRate, a prominent site featuring news regarding the Forex industry.

‘Once, while discussing the history of law with some colleagues, I mentioned in passing that law and Kylie Minogue have more in common than may be […]

Is the iPhone 6 Plus a phablet? Is Apple turning into Android?

September 10th – the morning after Apple released the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and announced the Watch will be released in early 2015. We at Leverate, as a technology company, not only followed the news (like millions of people around the world) but as the news filtered through, heated debates old and […]