General Electric: How Low Can It Go?

General Electric has been an icon of American success since its foundation by Thomas Edison, as one of the original components of the Dow Jones. Its ongoing decline in the 21st century is at the center of our new analysis.

Tesla Abandons Privatization Plans – Where Is It Headed Now?

Investors and analysts were stunned on August 7th, when Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he is planning to take his company private. In we wonder why was this plan shelved, and how the announcement will affect the future of Tesla.

Apple Crosses 1T$ – Who’s Next and Should You Buy Them Now?

The big news arrived on Thursday, August 2, when Apple shares closed above 207$ – making it officially a trillion-dollar company. In we take a look at the next in the race and give our opinion on whether it is time to invest.

Index Investing — Did the “Passive” Approach Beat the Markets?

It is common knowledge that of all retail investors in the market, only a few lucky ones will pick the winning stocks. Index investing was introduced in 1975 as a low risk opportunity to avoid the endless stock chasing. In we explore its growing appeal.

FANG Stocks – Is Now the Time to Take a Bite?

The NASDAQ is continuing to rise, and the most sought-after stocks in it have been grouped together under the acronym FAANG –Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. In we take a look at each one to see why they are still a hot commodity.

Pot of Gold – Is it High Time to Invest in Cannabis?

It had to happen: with the gradual legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use across the US, a new market has sprouted – ripe with fresh investment possibilities. In FXStreet we give our prediction on this fast blooming market.