The Sound Advice Risk Indicator – Should We Pay Attention?

Market analysts have been warning of an imminent market crash for quite some time, each one of them bringing his own analytical crystal ball into the table. In FXStreet we break down the Sound Advice Risk Indicator to see if it’s worth your time.

How Long Will the Market Keep Its Momentum?

Major US stocks were dropping today after a long bullish run, and that brings up again the old investment question: when does a trend end? In Counting Pips we give our opinion, and advise you to focus on the long run.

Passive Investing vs. Active Investing: Where Are the Investors Leaning?

Some analysts divide the investment world into two categories: passive traders and active traders. The debate on which side is better has been going on for decades, but in Forex Crunch we look at recent reports to see which one gets the biggest following.