Will the Next US Recession Hit in 2020?

Since the catastrophic turn of events of the late 00’s, the financial sphere has been monitoring closely for signs of recession. In FXStreet we examine a recent outlook that predicts a crisis in 2020, or even before.

How We Did It: Insights on Successfully Entering the Chinese Market

Entering the Asian market is a lot more challenging than translating your marketing materials into Chinese. Cultural gaps, technological difficulties and a vast difference between the ways in which East and West conduct business have proven to be a tremendous challenge for Forex brokerages trying to expand their offering into the region. As an expert tech provider […]

I, Broker

Artificial Intelligence is hardly a new concept. Asimov wrote about it in 1950 in his book I, Robot and various books and movies have spun the subject since. Although AI and the effects on human life aren’t a new thing, it has take FX regulators over 60 years to become wise of the power of automation to protect […]

Is 24/7 FX trading ruining your vacation? – Part 2

We know your love of Forex knows no bounds, and when you cross the border to get some well deserved R&R, finding a balance between enjoying your holiday and keeping tabs on your investments isn’t always an easy task.

Check out our article in CountingPips and get the best tips to keep eyes on your portfolio between […]

The 3 secrets to boosting your brokerage’s performance

The forex industry is a little bit of a cookie-cutter industry. With the proliferation of white label FX solutions, it is easy for every single broker out there to offer the exact same thing to traders: a nice looking trading platform, the same old bonus structure and a mediocre customer service standard. If you are […]

Who would you copy?

Social trading‬ is one of the fastest growing tools in the ‎Forex‬ industry, lowering barriers of entry and reducing the learning curve of new traders and increasing conversion, engagement and loyalty. If you were able to copy any investor using social trading, who would it be?

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Social Trading Regulation: Benefits for Traders

Having shown tremendous growth in the past few years, social trading platforms are adapting to become regulation compliant and in the process, everybody wins. Read our article in Forex Crunch and see what traders can expect to see from regulated social trading platforms

Building trust at first sight

Take a close look at first impressions and how they matter when approaching clients for the first time in our FinanceFeeds article.

Exclusive: Leverate launches payment service as integrated or stand-alone solution

Leverate launches a payment solutions service uniquely for the brokerage business – FinanceFeeds reports