Choosing the Right Chatbot for your FX/CFD/Crypto Brokerage

Whether you are a new Forex broker or you have an established growing business, you realize just how complex the venture can be.  Not only does your FX, CFD, and Crypto offering need top-notch technology to back it up, but the customer experience must be flawless with no hiccups or bottlenecks.

This is where Leverate shines with its amazing white-label solutions for multi-asset brokers.  Your retail trader clientele interface with a professional easy-to-follow website and simple onboarding with a comprehensive CRM integrated with a biometric KYC system.  Following on, depositing funds is secure and worry-free thanks to our partnerships in the payment service provider sector and, of course, your professionally branded white-labeled SiRiX trading platform gives your customers the best and easiest way to execute their trades.

But, what about customer support?  You have done so much to get this far and the last thing you need is a flaw in any part of the customer experience.  As we know, retail traders can be an impatient lot and, when they need help, they don’t want it tomorrow or even later in the day…they need it now!  The Forex and CFD business is a 24-hour/5-day per week business and the cryptocurrency business is running 24/7 so customer support needs to follow your customers almost in lockstep.

Of course, not every FX Broker has the luxury of being able to provide direct human contact 24 hours per day.  The latest technology in artificial intelligence (AI) driven ChatBots is the answer.  Customer engagement with the AI-driven ChatBot should not just be found on your brokerage’s website, it should be found directly on your trading platform as our growing customer base of SiRiX brokers have found.

So?  What features and benefits should you be seeking from a prospective ChatBot system?

Multilingual Support

Your customers may be scattered all across the globe and they need the ability to be able to communicate comfortably in their own language.


Your customer’s data protection is critical, not just for their security but for yours and from the potential scrutiny of the regulators.  Not to mention the possible reputational damage should news of a data breach get out.  Ensure that your ChatBot’s communication channels are encrypted.

Brand Consistency

Your AI-driven ChatBot should be acquired from a reputable source that understands your business and customer base.  The Leverate ChatBot has been developed especially for your customers in the FX, CFD, and Crypto retail trading environment.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Learning Capabilities

A ChatBot needs to be able to learn from your customers’ interactions, in any language.  Your customers will likely have particular issues related to trading and Forex accounts and your communication system must be able to follow it and adapt accordingly.

Integration to your New and Existing Systems

Your customer service systems must integrate smoothly into your existing systems like the CRM.  Historical record keeping and the tracking of the customer journey are critical components of everyday life for the modern FX/CFD/Crypto broker.

To fully integrate all systems your best option is the Leverate SiRiX Venture Turnkey Solution which includes the latest technology in AI-drive ChatBots and full integration into all your systems including the amazing SiRiX Trading Platform.

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