When did you join Leverate?

I came to Leverate in 2013 after spending several years abroad working in a number of financial positions.

How did you feel when you started working for Leverate?

At first, it was a challenge to learn the Forex industry and its professional terms. Although I have several years of experience in finance, trading, as with every industry, has different concepts that dictate what is considered common practice. Even now, I am still studying new things every day.

What are the challenges you are facing on your day to day work?

As with any successful company, there are certain challenges every CFO must face: overseeing the budget, ensuring the company stays profitable, working with our clients to maintain a high rate of collection, continuous work on the company business plan, etc…
In addition, Leverate has a subsidiary in Cyprus, Leverate Financial Services, which is under regulation. I have to make sure that we are always working according to the guidelines established by CySEC and the MiFID. Leverate is also a global company, with four offices around the world. Therefore, I need to pay attention to the different rules and regulations in every country in which we operate. Sometimes it gets a little complicated.

Where do you think the company is heading?

Leverate is a young company, and is financially healthy by any measure. Each quarter we continue to post consistent revenue growth, and based on our performance, in September we were named as one of the “Fast 50”, a selection of the 50 fastest growing businesses over the past five years. I am proud to day that we took the eighth spot in our first year on the list.
Leverate is the leading technology solutions provider in the Forex industry. Our market dominance gives us the ability to invest plenty of resources on human capital and product development, and more than 50% of our employees are involved in R&D. We believe in keeping a balance between meeting the current needs of our clients, and looking forward to what they might need in the future.

Doron is happily married and enjoys parenting his two children.