Exciting Innovations Ahead: Upcoming Updates at Leverate

As a leading technology provider, we are dedicated to constantly enhancing our services to ensure our clients thrive in the competitive trading landscape. We are excited to announce two major updates that will revolutionize the trading experience in our prop trading product: the release of Prop V2.2 and the new and improved Broker Portal. So, here’s a quick overview of these forthcoming features and their profound benefits.

Prop V 2.2: Introducing the ‘Challenge Retry’ Feature

One of the standout elements of Prop V2.2 is the innovative ‘Challenge Retry’ feature. Designed with traders in mind, this feature offers a second chance to succeed without having to pay the full price of a challenge again. If a trader fails a challenge, he can reset and retry it at a discounted price, which the broker can customize. Traders can retry challenges as many times as they wish, with the feature allowing ‘one fail’ followed by a discounted retry. If they fail again, they must purchase the challenge at full price, but the discounted retry option remains available.

The ‘Challenge Retry’ feature offers significant benefits. It enhances trader retention by keeping traders engaged and motivated, and provides brokers with increased revenue opportunities, as traders are more likely to continue their pursuit of success.

Introducing the All-New and Enhanced Broker Portal

Our commitment to providing top-tier tools for prop firms and brokers is exemplified in this brand-new Broker Portal. This upgrade is loaded with features designed to streamline operations and enhance user experience. The revamped design is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring efficient management of operations. The enhanced prop management tab offers detailed insights and control over all aspects of prop trading activities, while flexible plan and challenge creation features allow brokers to effortlessly create new plans and challenges with all necessary add-ons and criteria adjustments. The design’s robust options make it easy for prop firms to change, rename, and add challenges as needed, adapting quickly to market demands and client needs.

The improved Broker Portal significantly benefits prop firms and brokers by increasing efficiency in management and providing clear visibility of real-time data and insights, enabling informed decision-making. Its adaptability and customization capabilities allow you to stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions and client preferences. By streamlining operations and offering tailored challenges, you can provide a superior experience to your clients, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Looking Ahead

The upcoming updates at Leverate are set to transform the trading experience for your clients. The ‘Challenge Retry’ feature in Prop V2.2 and the enhanced Broker Portal are designed to provide flexibility, efficiency, and a superior user experience. Stay tuned for these exciting developments and prepare to leverage these tools to elevate your trading operations! At Leverate, we are committed to your success; here’s to a future of successful trading!

Get in touch with us today and see how our new features can take your prop firm to the highest level.

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