Advanced marketing tools can help generate more and better leads. While in-house sales and marketing teams can nurture those leads in an optimized and efficient manner, the use of advanced tools means that there is no longer any need for micromanaging clients by a sales rep. Now, a company can remain in constant contact with its customers across a variety of channels, in a more personalized way thanks to marketing automation. This technology enables the conversion of leads in a logical and organized process of segmentation, where clients are contacted at prime moments with relevant messages throughout their client lifetime. Welcome to the world of marketing automation, it is the future of client acquisition and the future source of your ROI.


You don’t need to be a large corporation with dozens of people in your marketing team to benefit from marketing automation. Even a small team can immensely reap the benefits. Here’s what marketing automation can do for your brokerage and how it can help you succeed in taking your marketing efforts to a whole new level:


  1. Engagement. Market research has proven that the more an individual feels familiar with a company, the more inclined they are to make a purchase, but it’s a process that takes time and often several memorable contacts. In fact, further studies reveal that the average customer has three touchpoints or interactions with a company prior to making a purchase. At this earliest stage of building brand awareness, marketing automation enables your company to make those important interactions by directly addressing the interests of your potential customers. Then, throughout their purchasing journey, those interactions are nurtured with relevant and meaningful contact, supporting those prospects in their transition to becoming clients.


  1. Categorize customers. How many times has a sales person invested hours nurturing a customer to never see a dime? Through the use of segmentation, marketing automation guides sales and marketing teams to define leads in terms of quality, highlighting those that represent prime opportunities and revealing which contacts are most likely to convert and become clients. By tracking the lead’s behavior, a company can get valuable insight into the level of interest presented by a potential customer, which is then followed up by sending e-mails and campaigns with a clear, clickable CTA. Representing a method to convert leads that is far more targeted and direct.


  1. Improve productivity. Marketing teams can save hours by automating manual tasks, such as sending multiple emails, text messages or push notifications to various segmented groups of customers. This significantly diminishes the demand on resources that would otherwise be required to contact individual clients directly.


  1. Evaluate. Marketing automation platforms allow you to measure and analyze customers’ behavior and interaction with your campaign. This enables your marketing team to understand which programs or campaigns are working best to convert customers and focus your team on those efforts that yield the best ROI.


  1. Real Time. The nature of many online brokers means that their clients are scattered across the globe and this can put a huge strain on personnel resources. The benefit of marketing automation means that no matter where your leads or clients are located or what time they’re contacting you, they can expect to get a response in real time. This is a huge benefit that’s not to be underestimated. A study conducted by a leading financial broker showed that if communication is able to be made within the first five minutes of a lead making contact, then there is an astounding 75% greater probability that they would convert into a client.


Long gone are the days in which marketing and sales departments each worked in siloes, independently from one another. The success of today’s business operations call for full alignment and collaboration between sales and marketing. Nothing achieves that more methodically and effectively than marketing automation.

But don’t take our word for it, according to a study performed by The Annuitas Group, companies that implement marketing automation within their organizations increased their revenue by 77% and their customer conversion rate by 53%. Need we say more?


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