It’s September 2nd, 2014 and the morning after this season’s football league transfer window has closed. How do you rate as a trader compared to the big football clubs, as based on their dealings in the market this summer?

Are you:

• Louis Van Gaal (Manchester United)
• Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool)
• Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)
• Jose Mourinho (Chelsea)
• Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City)

Manchester United paid a huge sum to attract two attacking players in Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao, but now seem to be rather top heavy. Liverpool cashed in big time on Luis Suarez, and then went about spending on any player they could get their hands on, including half of Southampton. Arsene Wenger kept the purse strings tight, opting for only a couple of buys leading people to say that Wenger was signing autographs, while Van Gaal was signing players. Chelsea carefully balanced their income and expenditure, closing up most of their business early in the transfer window. Manchester City opted for fine tuning, but may have blundered in releasing Negredo while expecting to sign Falcao, who ended up at their Manchester rivals.

When the transfer window shut, based on known deals, one billion Euros of transfers were completed in the English Premier League alone. From these five clubs, only one spent less than they received – Chelsea, spending 87.7 million pounds and receiving 88.5 million pounds. Chelsea also lightened their wage bill by loaning out 22 players – most notably saving 175,000 pounds a week in wages for Torres alone.

Manchester United, freed from the Financial Fair Play rules by having failed to qualify for European football, had a massive net spend of over 120 million pounds. That is a three and half times more the net spend of the second biggest spenders – Liverpool. This despite the fact that Liverpool brought in ten new players, paying for eight of them, compared to United, who brought in seven, paying for five. In fact, United, Chelsea and Arsenal all paid for five of their new players. City paid for the least players, in three. City also paid out the least in total, 54.5 million pounds, and also recovered the least, 22.5 million pounds.

So, what kind of trader are you? And, with which football league manager do you compare the most with?

• A high-roller on pricey items like Van Gaal?
• A big spender on a wider spread of assets like Rodgers
• An early trader who balances their books like Mourinho
• A thrifty trader like Wenger
• Or a tinkerer, making small adjustment trades like Pellegrini

The coming season will prove whose strategy works out best in the Premier League – but it remains to be seen how your trading strategy will affect your long term profits.