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Ever considered expanding your brokerage’s operations to the Far East?
Well with a fast growing, financially active and technology savvy population you should!
Countries across Asia, and China in particular, are great FinTech adopters and paired with the growing rate of liquid income, make the region an outstanding market for your brokerage to grow into.

With its investment in technology and industry expertize, Leverate is the perfect partner to help you tap into this ripe market. Take advantage of full turnkey solutions that will enable you to enter the Far East simply, quickly and successfully.

Our solutions include:

Technology that works!

We know the market and therefore we also know that what works in the West doesn’t necessarily work in the East.

For that reason we provide localized trading platforms, IB systems and our new WeChat Trading Platform.

Execution that’s fearlessly fast!

Backed by a blend of acceleration and local hosting, our execution provides a lightning fast feed that allows for seamless trading and liquidity.

Services to get you started.

We will provide on-the-ground assistance with marketing and HR services all the way to finding offices and getting the right coffee machine.

Now, first things first, “亚洲,我们来了” means “Asia, here we come!”

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