The entire regulatory landscape of the FX industry is constantly evolving and while we see it as a positive step, one that will ultimately legitimize the industry, we realize that it poses a tremendous burden on small brokerages and those looking to start-up. Just the process of becoming licensed is not an easy one. The fees can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, jurisdictions providing licenses require that an office be set up within their borders, adding yet more to your expenses, and the process may take an average of 4 to 6 months.

Standing at the perfect crossroads of 1. Difficulty faced by many brokers to cope with new and stricter regulatory measures 2. Higher consumer awareness, is Leverate’s LXLite, a full solution that lets new brokerages hit the ground running. With LXLite, brokers get all the necessary tools needed to operate a successful business, from multiple front end platforms that include a regulation-compliant social trading network, to back end solutions such as CRM, payment processing systems, liquidity providers, risk management, data feed and more, to instant EU regulation. By partnering up with us, you acquire the knowledge from an experienced team, the tools to help you face the market, and allows you to focus on your top line: sales and marketing.

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