Regulation has become a hot topic of discussion in the Forex industry. The unprecedented growth of the sector has prompted regulators around the world to tighten the reigns over financial trading firms in order to protect consumers from what was traditionally a blood-in-the-water market. Regulators across Europe have stepped up their game modifying the laws governing not just FX firms, but call centers, liquidity providers and other complimentary services and increasing their reach when it comes to enforcement. Just last year, fines and settlements imposed or entered into by CySEC were as high as €1,000,000, a number well surpassing the sporadic €5,000 fine that was seen in prior years. New countries are looking at implementing regulation, such as Russia for example.

While becoming regulated is not an easy process to undertake, not being regulated is becoming less of a choice for brokerages that mean business and want to succeed in the long run. Not only are regulators in a hunt to shut down unregulated brokers, but consumers are becoming more and more aware of the high standards of practice that regulated brokerages must abide by and know that their funds will be better protected when invested with a regulated broker, leaving unregulated brokers with a much smaller opportunity and much bigger challenges.

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