Leverate has awarded its employees 2 million ILS in bonuses

Premium brokerage technology provider Leverate has announced it will grant its employees 2 million ILS worth of bonuses, following its best year-end results in 5 years.

2018 has been a tremendous year for premium tech provider Leverate, as year-end reports showed the best results in 5 years. As a token of appreciation, the company has awarded its employees 2 million ILS in year-end bonuses.

Leverate’s fortunes have taken a turn for the better since late 2017, with the appointment of Jacob Yasha Polyakov as its CEO. Under Mr. Polyakov’s leadership, Leverate has reshaped its strategy to focus on fast-developing markets such as alternative assets and marketing services, while maintaining its position in the forex industry. More effort has been put into reaching out to new clients, and the firm has grown its scope of operations, most notably by expanding into the Turkish market.

In the past year, Mr. Polyakov steered the company through an extensive reorganization, in order to reinvigorate the company and march it forward. A whole new management team was introduced, dedicated to improve internal procedures, enhance budget management and reach optimal efficiency. Other changes included a new sales and business development team, new marketing team, and a new Director of digital assets. The company’s renewed focus for 2019 lies on more profit generating products, intended to increase bottom-line revenues for the company and obviously for its clients.

Leverate has also developed its own unique compliance solution, Regyoul8, which combines a Regtech automatic reporting tool with AML software and Gap Analysis, to provide brokers with a full answer to the changing regulatory environment in the EU.

Soon, Leverate will also launch its app-based lead generating solution, which will give brokers a direct marketing channel into the gaming world using their own custom-designed trading game. Other lead generation options are also offered regularly, including trading education and affiliation services, and they are expected to continue the profitable trend into 2019.

In last April, the company has completed its servers upgrade, with a half million-dollar cutting-edge private data center in London, to accommodate its growing client base, with their ever-increasing trading volume.

“Leverate is just closing its best year since 2014 in terms of profit”, said Natalia Vizir, Leverate’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our profits have exceeded even our optimistic forecasts. We are extremely proud of the company’s achievements in the past year, and we are confident that we are on the right track to deliver another outstanding year in 2019”. [more_in] Leverate’s CEO, Jacob Yasha Polyakov shared his thoughts: “Leverate was able to stay at the top of its game thanks to a positive change in its approach and a major internal reorganization. By breaking into new markets and utilizing new sources of revenue, the company exceeded its goals while providing more added value for its clients, and we have even higher ambitions for the coming year”.

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