Leverate Launches Latest Version of LXCRM V9

A Solution for Brokerages in Search of Better Data Management and Business Growth

Managing a brokerage in today’s fast-paced financial landscape can be challenging, especially when it comes to data management and reporting. That’s why Leverate has recently launched the latest version of our customized LXCRM V9, designed specifically for brokerages of 2023. 

With the latest version of our LXCRM V9, we’ve introduced new features and functions that can help you streamline your brokerage operations, providing you with valuable insights into your business activity, and ultimately helping you make data-driven business decisions. 

The benefits of customization and automation for CRMs are numerous, therefore, when developing the new LXCRM these were key features our team has been focusing on. The customizable dashboards allow you to add new data sources, metrics, and visualizations as needed, providing critical insights into your business activity and enabling you to make informed business decisions. The upgraded customizable reporting feature allows you to work on multiple reports simultaneously and retrieve the needed information from the batch, helping you to quickly spot opportunities for growth and improvement. Here are the key features of Leverate’s LXCRM V9: 

Customizable Dashboards

One of the standout features of Leverate’s LXCRM V9 is our customizable dashboards. As your business grows, so do your data management and reporting needs. With the new LXCRM V9, you can easily add new data sources, metrics, and visualizations as needed.  
The main benefit of customizable dashboards for brokerages is making data-driven decisions: With the customizable dashboards and upgraded reporting feature, brokerages can gain valuable insights into their business activities and make data-driven decisions, ultimately increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

Upgraded Customizable Reports

Leverate’s LXCRM V9 also comes with an upgraded customizable reporting feature. With the ability to work on multiple reports simultaneously, you will save time by grouping similar reports together, comparing and cross-referencing data, and retrieving the needed information from the batch. Having access to real-time data from these reports allows you to quickly spot opportunities for growth and improvement.

User-Friendly Interface

We understand that data management and reporting can be overwhelming for brokers; that’s why the LXCRM V9 has a user-friendly interface. It provides smooth transitions between screens that display accounts, activities, cases, KYC processes, and more. All this helps you organize and manage your data more efficiently and effectively. 

Integration with 3rd party systems

We understand that many businesses have already invested in 3rd party systems. Leverate’s LXCRM V9 is designed to be integrated with affiliate systems and other 3rd party systems you may be using. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of our CRM without compromising your existing systems. This can make it easier to manage processes, track sales, and optimize workflows. With the LXCRM V9, brokers can manage their clients more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased client satisfaction and loyalty. This can lead to more referrals and repeat business, further driving revenue growth. 

Control Access and Performance Trackers

The safety and privacy of our client’s data are of utmost importance to us, which is why we created the Control Access feature. It allows brokers to assign specific permissions to different employees for maximum data protection. Additionally, our Performance Trackers enable you to evaluate the success of your sales and success teams’ performances individually and collectively. The main benefit for brokerages utilizing the access and performance trackers is the ability to improved team performance: The performance tracker feature allows brokers to evaluate individual and collective success, leading to more optimal team performance and higher revenue generation. 

In conclusion, Leverate’s LXCRM V9 is a highly effective tool for enhancing productivity and profitability. We understand the power of data management and the importance of providing insightful data to our clients to refine their marketing and business strategies. The new LXCRM V9 launch sets a new benchmark in the industry, providing brokerages with a superior, competitive edge by achieving higher operational efficiency and improved insights into their business activities. 

If you are in search of a better solution to manage your data, increase business growth, and simplify the processes of your sales and success teams, we invite you to contact us today. Our team is excited to assist you in integrating our latest technology into your business processes and help you achieve your business goals.

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