Everything from your CRM leads, to passwords, and even the pictures in your mobile phones is subject to attack by unscrupulous people looking to steal your information. Depending on your point of view, the growing rate of startups in the data security field may be seen either as an increased awareness of this issue or the result of the rising incidence of data theft.

Leverate is constantly working on options for Forex brokers to protect their businesses. Here are a few of the ways LXCRM helps you protect your data.

Hide Data from Account Pages

One of the best ways to protect your data is to mask phone numbers on account pages. LXCRM accomplishes this through an integrated phone solution which allows your sales and retention teams to call traders with a special Click2Call button, removing the need to see the telephone number.

Email addresses can also be a weak point for security breaches. With LXCRM, there is no need for sales and retention associates to see email addresses. You can remove email information from the account page, and still allow access to traders via the activities page.

Control of Views/Advanced Find

Using personal views/advanced find, sales and retention employees are able to take screenshots of their accounts. You can prevent this by cancelling personal searches. You can also control which users are allowed to create Views/Advanced Find, and then configure the customized views/searches to make sure no results contain phone numbers or emails addresses.

Prevent Data Export

It is extremely important that you control who has permission to export data to Excel. We recommend keeping access to this permission level at a bare minimum, given only to a select handful of individuals.

Protect Your Reports

You are able to control who can access reporting inside LXCRM, as well as who can export this data to Excel. Although these reports do not have any easily identifiable contact information, we recommend restricting this permission to senior employees.

Protect Your CRM Access

LXCRM makes sure only authorized personnel have access to your CRM data, via IP whitelists  and user permissions. Keep whitelisted IP addresses updated check frequently for unauthorized access via an unused IP. Leverate CRM support will be able to verify your whitelisted IPs.  You should also delete any unused CRM users immediately.

Protect Your Data in the Trading Platform

Trader personal details are not sent to the Trading Platform by default. If you would like to make data like addresses, emails, and phone numbers available, this can be done on in the settings for each BU, but is not advised.

And LXCRM’s latest security feature!

Audit Exports to Excel

This new capability allows you to track what data is exported from LXCRM, when it was exported, and (most importantly) by whom.

It’s true that there is no system that is 100% immune to data breaches. But we want you to feel secure using LXCRM. If you have suggestions and ideas we would love to hear about them.

And in case you’re wondering about the ‘Print Screen’ Option, I suggest you try some of the solutions here.