Easy IB Network Management System

A powerful and comprehensive IB management system that enhances your brokerage’s administration and reporting operations. Seamlessly integrated, this advanced software is compatible with existing systems such as MT4/5, enabling you to focus on growing your brokerage faster and more efficiently.


The LX IB Manager has the flexibility to be set up exactly how you need it. Whether you need to forward on commissions to other IB’s or support a multi-level marketing scheme, the LX IB Manger allows you to create, control and manage your IB’s activity in either direction.

Easily configure the number of tiers that you require for your IB’s operation. An account manager has the freedom to create, view, edit and close any number of accounts. For enhanced clarity a hierarchical view is available to show the correlation between tiered accounts.

The advanced LX IB manager gives you the means to not only set your own commission for each IB in your network, but also allows you to define the commission per group of security, narrowing down in relation to both the instrument and the pip rebate. With its clear and user friendly interface, your brokerage can gain a quick and easy snap shot of your individual commissions and overall earnings.
Ensuring that you don’t lose track, even for a moment, the LX IB Manager can be used to obtain detailed reports of your network. Indicating the flow of fund transfers, it captures a comprehensive view of your network at any given moment.

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