New Features and Enhancements to Leverate’s Trading Solutions

We are excited to announce the latest updates to Leverate’s trading solutions. Our team has been working tirelessly to enhance the trading experience for your end-users and provide them with the best possible tools to succeed in today’s dynamic markets.

With this release, we have added new features and enhancements for an easy and secure trading experience.  

Here are some of the highlights of the new features and enhancements:

Easy and Secured balance management

Transfer funds between trader accounts, making it easier for traders to manage their balance and trading activity. 

The updated version now also supports safe, quick, and secure internal transfers between all types of accounts and currencies. With this feature traders will have greater control and flexibility over their finances. This release was also designed to create a coherent user experience to increase user loyalty and trust.

Live trading from the charts

Display Open and Closed Positions on the Chart, providing traders with a clearer picture of their trading activity, this release includes detailed real-time account information for open positions, creating an intuitive and transparent trading experience and decision making process.

Application Adjustable Contract Size Configurations

Adjust the contract size configuration and choose to display the contract size in units or lots, based on the traders trading preferences. 

We have released improvements to provide brokers and their customers with a comprehensive WL solution. To make it even more attractive for their users, brokers can experiment with different contract size configurations and choose to display the contract size in units or lots, based on users trading preferences.

Coming Soon

The V9 New CRM

A new and improved CRM that was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for Leverate’s brokers: multiple reports, upgraded interface and a more intuitive experience. 

The main new features will include: 

  • Custom dashboards designed to meet the exact brokerage needs.
    A quick and intuitive trader management platform with the option to integrate data and reports based on specific demands. 
  • The ability to work on reports, contacts and deals in parallel to generate a prompt user management process.
  • Stay tuned for this upcoming release by following our social media accounts and subscribing to Leverate’s YouTube channel.

New Personalized Features to Increase Trader Activity

Web Push Desktop Notifications:
Receive desktop notifications about client trades and market updates, even when they are not logged in to the platform.

Upgraded Dashboard Banners:
See important information about traders accounts, including open positions and account balances, right from the dashboard.

These are just some of the many new features and enhancements that we have added to our trading applications. We are confident that these updates will provide your clients with an even better trading experience.

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