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Improve your ROI with Optim8

To keep their position at the head of the industry, top performing brokerages are implementing automation tools to enhance their efficiency and minimize their operational costs. Optim8 offers a straight out-of-the-box business intelligence tool that in combination with an industry best practice marketing automation solution, enhances your brokerage’s ROI.

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Optim8 Business Intelligence

Simple to use, Optim8’s business intelligence tool collects data from various sources to provide insight for directing future marketing campaigns. This ensures that all marketing efforts are targeted and precise, where the right leads are contacted at the most opportune time.

Optim8 Marketing Automation

Optim8 implements automated funnels that increase your brokerage’s acquisition and conversion rates while reducing operational costs. By applying an industry best practice automated solution, Optim8 contributes to lowering your brokerage’s CPA whilst improving your client’s LTV.

Automated messaging

Engaging, non-intrusive messaging leads to longer lifetime and larger deposit. Reactive e-mails, SMS, pop-up notifications and proactive chats engage traders in real time at key decision-making points.

 Adaptive and personalized marketing material

Content and pictures can be personalized and A/B tested according to a segmented clientele. All marketing material can be adapted to new markets and adjusted according to your needs and specifications.

Pre-integrated with signals

Optim8 comes pre-integrated with signals from Leverate’s regulation-compliant social trading platform for added engagement.

Boosts your brokerage’s performance with Optim8

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