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Sirix Venture Complete White Label Solution

After over a decade of hands-on experience with the most successful FX brokers around the world, Leverate – one of the industry’s leaders, is giving you a chance to set up the ultimate FX brokerage firm.

Get the best brokerage solutions instantly, with no hassle and in one place with Sirix Venture!

Sirix Trading Platform

Sirix Broker Back Office Solution

Instant White Label Brokerage

High-End Liquidity System

Risk Management Solution

Your Own Fully Branded Website

Interested in setting up a FX/CFD/Crypto brokerage?

Looking for a light and fast solution?
This is for you!

The Forex, CFD and Crypto universe has been growing at a colossal rate in the past years, providing a huge number of brilliant business people with steady income.

But with a bigger market comes much bigger price tags. Setting up your own Forex business these days can be a much more complicated and expensive venture than before.

This is why Leverate, a leading technology and services provider for the FX / CFD / Crypto market, is introducing its unique tailor-made brokerage solution that fits every budget.

Meet Sirix Venture:

A simple solution with high-end technology

The Forex world is changing at a fast pace, with new innovations and trends turning up every week. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Leverate has gained undeniable abilities and market understanding, which allows it to build custom solutions for entrepreneurs of every size.

Our Sirix Venture full brokerage package was created for brokers who want to offer their traders a lighter and more friendly trading platform, all within a complete brokerage solution that contains everything a broker needs – front-end and back-office.

With Sirix Venture you get:

The Sirix Trading Platform


Sirix is the one trading platform that will make your traders feel at home instantly. It is simple and easy for new traders, while still leaving room for professional traders to grow. As a broker, Sirix gives you flexibility by allowing you to segment your traders into groups and adjust their trading conditions.

All-inclusive brokerage package

Full Package

Sirix Venture covers every aspect of brokerage management and includes all the essential software a broker should have. From CRM to risk management, from price feed to a complete liquidity system, with Sirix Venture you get exactly what you need right from the start.

Payment Solution Connections


If there is one thing every broker dreads, it is payment system crashes. Sirix Venture connects you to top payment solution providers for wire, credit card and Crypto payments so you can rest assured your client’s deposit will go through anytime.

Connections to 3rd Party Traffic Providers*

Lead Generators

Getting a consistent flow of traffic to your website is an enormous challenge in the Forex industry. But you must have leads in order to have a business. Our close relationships with 3rd party lead generators will make sure you will have a steady stream of web traffic coming your way.

Complete Website Building


With Sirix Venture you get a ready to use website instantly. Our designers have the right knowledge on how to build the best brokerage website that will attract and retain traders, so all you need to do is just pick a brand name, and we’ll do the rest.

Your Own Account Manager


Our team of success and support managers is always at hand. Need technical assistance? Staff training? Business connections? Just want a nice talk and some advice? Pick up a call to our dedicated success team and see and how they make wishes come true on a daily basis.

Become A Successful Broker Today!

What is the price tag?

How much

Sirix Venture is a unique offer in the world of brokerage technology and services. It bundles all of our essential technology along with our own Sirix platform that was developed in-house to provide the best experience for both brokers and traders.

The pricing of this package will depend on the agreement reached with each broker, but the values that guide all of our pricing models are the same: we want your business to grow and see great returns on your initial investment.

About Leverate

Since our foundation we have become a leading player in the Forex brokerage industry. Our company was founded by a team of Forex industry veterans with deep market knowledge, that know exactly what challenges you’re facing every day. This is why our complete white label brokerage solution, Sirix Venture, is used by the brightest brokers in the business.

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