The Next Step in Trading Automation—Will Bots Replace Day Traders?

Everyone has seen videos of monkeys using sticks as tools in the jungle. But how many of us would believe that the sticks would go off on their own to hunt for bananas without the monkey? But this is precisely what some people are predicting when it comes to automated computer trading.

What to Look for in a Forex Technology Provider?

The online trading industry is not what it used to be. In fact, many would argue that the arena has entirely changed in recent years. Europe in particular has seen a severe tightening in regulation which has dramatically forced brokers to change the way they approach their mode of operation.

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Bitcoin

Did you know that it is possible to lose Bitcoins? A recent Big Bang Theory episode explored this theme, with Raj, Howard and Leonard managing to lose their Bitcoins after it was put on a USB.

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