Automation is changing the way in which entire industries operate. Across the board, companies which implement automated processes see a significant boost in performance and a reduction in costs in the form of human resources and human error.

The Forex industry in particular can benefit tremendously when implementing automation tools in various aspects of the business operation.

The launch of SIRIXActive allows brokers to implement an automated action flow that will assist in improving the conversion and retention processes in an exponential way. Today’s customer is autonomous. He/she begins the purchasing process well before ever contacting the company, by way of recommendations from friends and online research. According to a study performed by Google and CEB, customers reported being nearly 60% through the sales process before even contacting a sales representative. FX brokers need to play catch-up and give customers the tools to assist them in making a decision in favor of their company. SIRIXActive does just that. Through a series of pre-programmed actions, traders are contacted by the system at various key points during the conversion process. Emails, SMS and push notifications are automatically dispatched upon the customer completing certain actions or when the system detects certain hesitancy from the customer. During the retention process, SIRIXActive can increase the client lifetime and volume by encouraging them to open or close trades according to certain news events, make deposits when their accounts are nearing a certain margin threshold, etc.

By implementing an automated set of actions, a brokerage can reduce the number of personnel required at a call center, which with the increasing pressure from regulators, is becoming a must in order to survive. It is also contacting the customer while he/she is still undecided.

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