From scrolling through social media networks to getting the news, checking e-mails and taking pictures, we spend more time on our smartphones that we ever did before. Recent studies reveal that people use their mobile devices more than twice as much as they do their desktop computers to connect to the internet.

With the advent of mobile sites and mobile apps, long gone are the days in which traders were tied to their desks because the market could take an unexpected turn. Mobile trading provides traders the opportunity to trade from wherever they are, whenever they want, so long as they have access to an internet connection, which gives brokers the opportunity to be at a trader’s fingertips both literally and figuratively.

Brokers who have a mobile trading app, be it though a white label provider or a proprietary one, have the ability to increase volumes by being constantly available. In addition, brokers can be in touch with traders via notifications and alerts that call for an action from the part of trader, such as the fact that their account may be nearing margin call or that the EUR/USD is on the rise. Special sales and promotions can be sent through push notifications or SMS, creating the possibility of an immediate reaction.

SIRIXMobile, Leverate’s white label mobile trading platform, allows brokers to enjoy all the benefits of mobile trading without the headaches of developing their own platform.

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