Golden arches, a bitten apple, a letter f inside a blue square… we see them and we know what they mean. Choosing a logo is one of a company’s most important and crucial decisions. Logos have so much emotional power that often, the names of the companies they represent don’t need to be spelled, they transcend borders and languages.

As we at Leverate get ready to launch one of our newest products, we’ve thought long and hard about our logo and it isn’t by chance that we have chosen the number 8 to represent the branding of Optim8. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered to be a lucky number, but rest assured no luck was played in the development of Optim8, but rather a well thought out platform based on months of research and best practices.

Why 8?

  1. The number 8 puts an emphasis in areas of business, finances and authority. We are all about helping improve the finances of your brokerage and developing Optim8 is part of that strategy. Optim8’s automated conversion and retention funnels are designed to help improve your processes, reduce costs and boost your ROI. The Buddhists claim that the number 8 symbolizes long life, and while they haven’t come to know Optim8 up close, they would surely be pleasantly surprised by its ability to lengthen traders’ lifetime.
  2. According to the Egyptians, the number 8 signifies balance. The great Karmic equalizer. When the number 8 comes knocking on your door, it is said that you will reap what you have sown. Optim8 helps you sow best practices of communication with potential traders so you can reap higher conversion rates.
  3. The number 8 balances the material and the immaterial worlds. On the material plane, the number 8 is focused on results and so is Optim8. We strive to get our brokers superb results from the implementation of automated messaging funnels.
  4. Some of the most recognizable traits of the number 8 include efficiency, organization, management, discipline and control. Imagine being able to automate your contact with potential and existing traders using proven best practice messages. Imagine establishing contact with traders at just the right time, via just the right channel. That is what we call control and efficiency and that kind of efficiency will get your numbers climbing.
  5. For the Japanese, the number 8 represents multiplicity and is often associated with wealth. By automating your conversion and retention processes, Optim8 will skyrocket your conversion and retention rates and multiply your brokerage’s wealth.retention
  6. 8 means success and professionalism. Our team of experienced developers have used best practices to design messages that will make your brokerage look professional and succeed in converting clients into loyal traders.
  7. The 8 is associated with good judgement. Have you ever contacted a potential client only to have them ask you to call them back because it is not a good time? When you can contact your traders at critical decision-making points, when they are engaged and in an optimal state of mind, you generate better results. Stop contacting your traders in the middle of dinner of business meetings, contact them at the right time and through the right channel. When you use Optim8, you put your better judgement to work.
  8. The number is 8’s written Arabic form “8” we identify the infinity symbol, which implies balance, time and energy, all things we put to work in your favor in order to help you achieve better results with reduced costs.




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