The Importance of Going Mobile

There is no dispute that mobile phones have become a lot more than a device that allows two people to talk from a distance and on the go. There is also no dispute that computer technology has made a quantum leap in the past two decades, and the incorporation of computer technology into cellular communication technology has created a world in which desktops made way to laptops, which made way to cellular phones that have all the functions of a common computer and more, all in a device that fits into your pocket.

Mobile Trading

As a result, cellphones nowadays are used as computers for all intents and purposes, with people using them to write emails, browse the web, play games, listen to music and more. Therefore, it is no wonder that Forex trading has also gone mobile, and statistic analysis shows that traders prefer to access their brokerages’ platforms via mobile phones in increasing numbers. With this trend in mind, most Forex technology providers realized that a strong mobile application is necessary in order to maintain a competitive edge within the industry and have adapted their technological solutions accordingly.

Invest in a Your Mobile Appearance

What makes a mobile application so enticing to traders? The gist of the answer is that most traders have day jobs, families, and other commitments, and the lion share of the time that they can dedicate to trading is during their morning and afternoon commutes, breaks during work and more. During these times, they are less likely to have a computer handy, but almost always have their cell phone with them, and even if they are at work and have a computer – most companies would frown upon using their computers for personal needs.

It is because of the above that the need for a solid mobile platform is pretty much self-explanatory and every additional word would be nothing more than stating the obvious. And indeed, as a Forex broker, when you lease an MT4 platform or a recommended counterpart such as Leverate’s own Sirix trading platform, you will get the trading mobile app built in within the package, adaptable to smartphones and tablets and compatible with both iOS and Android.

However, where you as a broker can make a difference, is in how much you invest in your online website’s appeal to mobile users. Since at least 50% of your traders will enter your website through their mobile devices, it is extremely important to not neglect that front, and put some thought into how you are presented on the (very) small screen.  Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while building and maintaining the mobile appearance of your website.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The first thing is that you need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate, and runs fast and smooth on mobile. While this might sound like no more than plain common sense, you would be surprised how many brokerages put an emphasis on their mobile appearance, design, and other bells-and-whistles, while in reality clients pay less attention to the aesthetic details and more to functionality. To this end, it is best to keep it the home page and landing pages minimal – retaining only the main functions and doing away with superfluous ones such as tutorials, which are good to have on the deeper parts of your menu, but are a burden to mobile users as they require a lot of scrolling until they reach the main point.

Another thing you should consider is the size and visibility of every element in your website. That includes fonts, graphics, videos, and buttons. Mobile screens come in various sizes these days, from small 4.5 inch iPhones, to as large as 12-inch tablet screens! Use the mobile view in your website builder to make sure that every element looks bright and clear on smartphones and tablets of all sizes.

One of the most important principles to remember in mobile user experience design is that “less is more”. Your website’s mobile interface shouldn’t be a replica of your desktop website. You must reduce certain things and forgo certain features for your website to run smoothly on mobile browsers, and usually, when browsing on mobile, we tend to seek instant rewards and be less patient to excess.


In conclusion, if you are in the initial stages of opening a brokerage, the importance of presenting a fitting mobile website to your clients cannot be stressed enough. Keep in mind that a brokerage with a non-mobile-friendly website comes across as antiquated and obsolete, and that traders are often overwhelmed by brokerages that aggressively try to secure them as clients. So what is the take-home message? It is that in today’s Forex industry, going mobile is not a recommendation, but an absolute necessity for any brokerage that wants a fighting chance at success.

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