In the past month and a half, the LXCRM team has been working really hard here at Leverate making incredible steps towards upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics 2011 to Microsoft Dynamics 2015 version.

As you all know, our Forex CRM product (LXCRM) is based on Microsoft Dynamics. I discussed the benefits of it in this blog a year ago, but I think one of the main benefits is being able to gain from the industry leader’s experience. Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM tool used all around the world and it encapsulates a lot of capabilities in knowledge. So why not enjoy the progress it brings? Well, I still believe that when a product team is making such a big investment in the future of the product, the Product Manger should explain the benefits that the users (clients) get from such a move.

So, why are we upgrading?

Faster than ever

We live in the information age. Data is more accessible to us than ever, and much faster. I believe that a good CRM shouldn’t be any different than top of the line mobile apps – it should be fast, smooth and quick to respond. The only way we could move towards this direction was to upgrade the core product: Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Using the new Dynamics framework will enable us to speed up LXCRM. But not only from a code/product point of view, we took this opportunity to ask our guys over at IT  to make sure that we’ll get a brand new environment with plenty of… juice 🙂

User Experience

Talking about user experience, in my mind, this is actually one of the best improvements that Dynamics 2015 offers LXCRM. Moving the navigation to the top of the screen really frees up ‘real estate’ that we can use. The ability to add related lists also enables us to focus on the main ‘entity’ in LXCRM: The Trader. Now when you open a trader record, you’ll see all important data in one screen: The trading accounts, monetary transactions, communications (emails, phone calls, SMS, notifications…), notes and more on the same screen! This in itself is already amazing since you won’t need to open new windows to see the data that you need!

Dynamics Product Improvements à Better LXCRM Product Development Capabilities

You wouldn’t think that Microsoft and Leverate would base a migration process just for new navigation and focused data (although I have to agree, it’s enough!), would you? Dynamics 2015 brings strong capabilities out of the box, like the ‘Search all’ bar, which means you can now search in All Records, so we’ll make sure you won’t miss any data that may be hiding somewhere. Another highly requested feature in Dynamics forums (aren’t you glad I read those for you? 🙂 ) is ‘Older than X: Minutes (!), Hours, Days, Weeks…’ in advanced find.

We are not done yet. Other new features Microsoft Dynamics added are rollup and calculated fields. This means the Trader record will now include: Net Deposits & Total Volume fields (we created especially) for you to get better reports and dashboards! And the fun doesn’t stop here! Many more to come thanks to the additional customization capabilities that will empower Leverate’s Product Specialists’ team to tailor LXCRM to your needs (a big topic for another blog post!).


But wait, last time Leverate upgraded LXCRM there was downtime and a lengthy process. ‘How are you doing it?’

So this really bothered me as well. I didn’t want to start another long term project that will take up resources and will interfere with the day-to-day work of our clients. To ensure we can indeed deliver a product upgrade this complex (new and better environment, remember?), we joined up with Microsoft Israel on a joint venture! Leverate development team was in charge over the code migration, and the guys over at Microsoft along with Prodware prepared a mean-lean-data-migration-machine. This enables us to create a migration process with No Downtime for our clients. This truly powerful link we created will continue to grow in the future in order to make sure Leverate clients continue to enjoy not only the premium products Leverate has to offer for retail Forex but also the best practice and multi-vertical knowledge Microsoft brings to the table.

I wish you all a happy new year and as usual will be very happy to receive your feedback 🙂