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Take the elevator toForex success

For Forex and CFD brokers who want to hit the ground running, Leverate’s LXLite offers regulation services by an experienced team equipped with the knowledge required to set up an authorized Forex brokerage. Spend less time coping with the constant bureaucratic changes, and more time helping your traders. Leverate makes starting your own Forex brokerage painless, by streamlining regulation and letting you focus on what you do best: acquiring and retaining clients.

Partner with professionals

Here’s your invitation to start an instant brokerage – just add your brand! With LXLITE, new brokers get instant regulation, payment processing and risk management. If you have the marketing skills and established connections with your traders, all that’s left to add is the perfect branding. Don’t get stuck on “the next step” when you can take the elevator to the top floor with Leverate’s LXLite.
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Own Your Forex Business

Leverate is not a brokerage and does not compete for your clients. We give you the solutions, you choose how to operate your own business model and decide spreads or commissions. Your success is our success – so we make every effort to give you the tools to succeed.
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Website Development – Get Your Brand Out There

Launch your own fully-branded forex brokerage with our complete website building services. Our talented team of web developers, designers and content writers will build you a tailor-made website that will accommodate all your needs.
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