Success in Today’s Forex World

Success in Today’s Forex World
A few years ago it seemed like the forex market is shrinking, with too many competitors over too little opportunities. But in this new Finance Magnates article we argue that for those who have the will, the sky is barely the limit.

Dirty Laundry list: Will Growing Fines Stop Money Laundering in Europe?

The recent record-breaking fine imposed on the Dutch ING Group is the last in a series of penalties given by European authorities in an attempt to curb money laundering schemes in the continent. In Counting Pips we ask if it’s finally going to deliver.

ESMA Renews its Binary Options Ban – What’s Next?

Binary options trading has become synonymous with “fraud” in some jurisdictions, which prompted regulators to probe into them and restrict their use. In FXStreet we examine if the ESMA ban extension will be the final blow to this industry.

MiFID 2.1 – How Will Brexit Change the Rules?

As Brexit day gets closer, more and more questions arise about the future of Europe. In Forex Crunch we take a look at the implications it’s going to have on MiFID 2 when European lawmakers will try to guarantee a balanced playing field.

Is There an Incentive to Be an Unlicensed Broker?

It’s true – you can operate your brokerage under no scrutiny in some Caribbean island, but the risks have grown much higher. In Forex Crunch we make you aware of them, and also count the benefits of becoming a regulated broker.

Paradise Lost—No More Financial Havens?

The financial elite have been hiding their shady money for years in notorious tax havens around the world, but recently the UK started to demand transparency from its offshore territories. In Counting Pips we wonder if that signals the end of the offshore banking industry.


Leverage Yourself: How Will the New ESMA Regulations Affect Brokers

The European Securities and Markets Authority issued its recommendations which include curbing the insane amounts of leverage that brokers offer their clients. These are not easy times for brokers, but in Forex Crunch, we argue that this move will only benefit the markets and everyone involved.

The SEC is Hunting Down Crypto: What Are They After?

Reports of dozens of subpoenas issued by the US Securities Exchange Commission to cryptocurrency companies raise the question of crypto compliance with securities laws. In GBO we ask if crypto companies are being persecuted for no reason, or whether the SEC has a plan in mind for a well-informed crypto regulations scheme.

Avoid a binary options’ kiss of death

If you are a financial trading broker and you are not yet changing your tactics and adapting to the recent changes in regulatory measures, I am sorry to tell you that you have sentenced your brokerage to death by comfort. There is simply no way for brokerages to continue conducting business as usual with the […]

IB: Are you ready to start your own brokerage?

The Forex market moves volumes in excess of $5 trillion, more than any other market in the world, making it an incredibly attractive business endeavor. The tremendous growth of the market in the last decade has generated an unprecedented increase in the number of Forex brokerages. This accelerated growth is simply evidence of how profitable […]