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LXSuite – Start a retail brokerage and take full control.

LXLite – Start a regulated retail brokerage with the support of industry experts who will manage compliance, payment processing and risk.

SIRIXCrypto – Start a cryptocurrency brokerage by taking advantage of the developing trend to trade popular cryptocurrencies.


Optim8 – Grow your brokerage with our advanced BI & marketing automation tool.

Activ8 – A dynamic trading interface where your customers are free to choose the trading platform that best matches their interests and experience.

LXCapital – Get connected to top liquidity providers and have access to razor thin spreads.

Axelr8 – Utilizing analytical insights grow your brokerage with our dedicated professional services department.

Regyoul8 – Take away the headaches of your ongoing regulation & MIFID ii compliance and reporting.


SIRIXCrypto – Expand your retail forex operation into cryptocurrency trading by adopting, our dedicated cryptocurrency platform.

SIRIXWeb – Designed for existing financial institutions to expand their offerings into web trading currencies, cryptocurrencies and a wide range of other instruments.

Go East – A full suite of services and technology, including our WeChat trading platform, designed to easily expand your brokerage into the Far East.

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