Cryptocurrency Licenses for FX/CFD Brokers: Why are these Different from FX Broker Licenses?

Essentially, there is a huge difference between a traditional FX Broker license, issued by a regulatory agency such as the FCA, CySEC, ASIC, etc., and a license to offer cryptocurrencies.  The traditional FX licenses, as we all know, allow an FX Broker to offer many instruments to its clients and allow them to trade forex pairs, metals, crude oil, equities, indices, etc. 

Customizing your White-Label Brokerage on Leverate: The Brand Design

You, the white-label forex broker, have decided to go the white-label route for all the right reasons.  It might be a turnkey solution that takes all the worry and hassle of finding individual partners and suppliers.  It might be a decision based on the speed to market that a white-label solution offers. Or, in some cases, it is purely based on the cost of a white label versus a fully independent setup.

What are you looking for?