The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) FX Broker License: The Ultimate License?

Gone are the days when a prospective FX, CFD, or Crypto broker could consider opening their business without a proper license from a regulated financial body.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when many brokers were starting up with simply a registered company from exotic locations like Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or Saint Kitts and Nevis, among others.  These countries, through their respective local financial service authorities, issued “exemptions” or “legal opinions” allowing brokers to carry out business from a local agent’s office address.

Advantages of the Leverate SiRiX Platform for the White Label Broker

There are many reasons to create an FX/CFD brokerage under the White-Label business model.  The myriad technical and financial elements required for a successful startup for a multi-asset broker may be too daunting or expensive in terms of manpower and time.  This is where Leverate shines for its clients!  We assemble all the necessary elements such as your market liquidity, a comprehensive CRM for full communication with your IBs and customers, social trading, and prop trading, just to name a few.  Of course, as a leading technology provider, Leverate can incorporate your existing services into our white-label offering.

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