Forex Social Trading

Integrated into every Sirix platform.

EU regulation compliant.

What is Social Trading?

Social trading completely transforms the way traders interact with your trading platform
and with each other. Traders are able to quickly implement market decisions thanks
to a wide range of indicators based on a transparent real-time social data-feed
of all the users in the social trading network.

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Why add Social Trading?

Social Trading increases your volumes by having master traders with lots of copiers. When the master trader opens a new position, so do all of his followers. Your conversion rates will also grow thanks to Social Trading’s ease of use for new traders.

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Why choose the Sirix Social Network?

Everyone knows that the strength of the social network is measured by its size and level of activity. Sirix grants your traders access to a large, active social trading community of Forex traders. Your traders will enjoy looking for more seasoned experts to copy and follow, and can easily see how they measure up against other traders on the network.

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Sirix Social is now EU regulated

Sirix Social comes with the option of being EU regulation compliant, making it the first-ever regulated social trading platform, bringing together all the tools needed by traders, brokers and regulators. Sirix Social is cross-community, giving traders the ability to watch and copy masters from other broker’s regulated communities, in a massive social trading network.

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