How to Choose a trading platform for your prop Firm

In this article, we will outline the various features essential for entrepreneurs in prop firms and other related financial services, including trading academies and challenge accounts.
Additionally, we will explore Leverate’s unique offerings for prop firms and the advantages provided by the flexible and potentially embeddable open API Sirix trading platform that Leverate offers. This includes growth-on-demand packages tailor-made for both young, dynamic entrepreneurs and well-established legacy prop trading firms.

State Your Business: Supporting a Wide Range of Prop Firms at Different Business Stages

There are several types of prop firm entrepreneurs. On one end of the spectrum are early-stage startups or collaborations between two market participants from the traffic and education space, built for fast growth and dynamic offerings. On the other end are well-established legacy companies that require robust solutions for their specific, well-defined, and static needs.

So, how can Leverate, with its unique Sirix and prop platform, provide a holistic solution for both new entrepreneurs and well-established companies?

Trading Automation and Integration: Providing a Flexible Open API for Fast Execution Embedded into Your Website

Whether you operate a pure prop firm, an information site with social trading, or a local community of traders, you can seamlessly integrate the Sirix trading platform. This means clients can onboard, purchase your products, and trade through a challenge, either from your unique site or through a new site built by Leverate for your company.
The prop sites built by Leverate or the entrepreneur can be adjusted to any client type and traffic base. One site can cater to professionals aimed at long-term investors, while another can be tailored for short-term scalpers. In other cases of financial gamification, the site could adopt a simpler and more gamified look and feel.

Unique and Smart Indicators with a Professional Chart, Available for the Trader and Configured by the Trader

The Sirix platform offers a wide range of technical tools as selectable and configurable parameters. Traders can choose indicators such as Fibonacci ratios, moving averages, relative strength indexes, and much more, all configurable at the press of a button.

See above, embedded within the trading platform are tools requested by the prop firm, such as the Bollinger Bands, measuring the market’s standard deviation range based on the gold (XAUUSD) spot price.

Trainable AI That Meets Your Exact Needs!

Our trainable AI can replace your contact center personnel, either full-time or part-time, answering clients’ questions about trading hours, rules, and any other related inquiry in all languages around the clock.

Tailor-Made Site on Demand or Embedded Platform on Your Legacy Site

Whether entrepreneurs want to embed the trading platform into their sites or use Leverate’s provided solution, Leverate can ensure you have the best onboarding funnel supported with smart KYC tools and client journey support through smart alerts and notifications.

Unique Dashboard for Prop Trading 

While the Sirix platform provides the best trading experience with fast order execution and a dedicated CRM, the dashboard of the prop platform offers live and seamless feedback for the prop challenge journey, with live status updates and options to buy new challenges from a wide range of possibilities.

Real-Time Control for Optimal Results

Another important aspect is the smart back office that enables you to control your offerings and challenges to best fit your products to your client audience.


Today’s entrepreneurs need a fast launch with a pay-as-you-go structure for the early stages of their business.

Leverate’s unique platform, backed with powerful CRM tools, onboarding automation, event-based SMS and emails, and an open API platform with a dedicated prop dashboard, offers the flexibility to provide tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Whether as a holistic solution or as a partial solution, it can be integrated seamlessly and immediately with any of your own unique, legacy products or third-party vendors of your choosing. Sirix – Providing a Platform That Works for You! Book a demo today.

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